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This is the A&O quiz to determine what rank you are.

The Basics

(1) If a fellow wolf is in danger/fight with another wolf, what will you do?

  • A: Help him/her out, get him/her away.
  • B: Join in and help him/her.
  • C: Break up the fight and distract them with other ways.
  • (2) Your personality? (Maximum: 5 personalities.)
  • A: Playful
  • B: Steadfast
  • C: Weary
  • D: Dutiful
  • E: Care-free
  • F: Thoughtful
  • G: Naive
  • H: Cautious
  • I: Peaceful
  • J: Stubborn
  • K: Aggressive
  • L: Intelligent
  • M: Curious
  • N: Fair
  • O: Wise
  • P: show-off
  • Q: Free-Spirited
  • R: Lazy
  • S: Arrogant
  • T: Responsible
  • U: Respectful
  • V: Motherly/Fatherly
  • W: Brave
  • X: Adventurous
  • Y: Casual
  • Z: Genius

(3) When as a pup, would you tend to start plays with which type of pups?

  • A: Strong, popular pups
  • B: Casual pups
  • C: Play with any
  • D: Making Jokes

(4) Favorite activity? (Maximum 2)

  • A: Bone-Digging
  • B: Hunting( Directed )
  • C: Puppy-Sitting
  • D: Scavenging
  • E: Guiding
  • F: Peace-Keeping( Forceful )
  • G: Descision Making
  • H: Hunting( Directing )
  • I: Peace-Keeping( Playful )
  • J: Tracking
  • K:

(5) When finding a Wolf-stranger, what would you do?

  • A: Accept him/her and socialize
  • B: Test him/her before making a descision
  • C: Ignore him/her
  • Fight him/her and drive them away

More to come in the future

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