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Active Admins

This is a list of all the admins on the wiki along with their status.

Admin Status Position Date Promoted
SmokythePolicePup Active Admin/Bureaucrat September 17, 2015
Blackwolf4626 Semi-Active Administrator September 18, 2015
Smartpup Chase76 Semi-Active Administrator March 12, 2016
Zumarocks3390 Inactive Administrator March 12, 2016
Lt.Fangs Active Administrator June 9, 2016

Retired Admins

This is a list of the users who left the wiki.

User Status Position Notes
KateWolf Retired Admin/Bureaucrat Founder
AlphaWolfJed Retired Admin/Bureaucrat N/A
Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards Retired Admin/Bureaucrat N/A
Storylover Alpha 01 Retired Admininistrator N/A
ActualAlphaKate Retired Admin/Bureaucrat N/A

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