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The Soundtracks of A&O played throughout the whole movie. (Listed by order of play.)

Directed by: Chris Bacon


Official Movie Poster


Track 1: Pre-teen Wolves

Tracked played at the start of the movie, when all characters were still young. thumb|300px|right

Track 2: Main

Played on the title scene of the movie.


Track 3: Can-do was jumped

The track is played when Can-do was brought to the Alpha den for healing.


Track 4: Humphrey's Crew

Track plays when Salty, Shakey and Mooch prepares for the Moonlight Howl.


Track 5: Garth

Played whenever Garth wants to show off his moves.


Track 6: Wolfnapped!

This is where Kate and Humphrey get's Tranquillized by rangers.


Track 7: Idaho

The track plays when Kate and Humphrey is getting transferred to Idaho


Track 8: The Golfing Goose

The track where Marcel makes a shot of golf before meeting the wolves.


Track 9: Flying Fowl

The wild goose chase of Humphrey and Marcel, this is the track played during the whole event.


Track 10: Searching For Kate

The track played while the Western pack searches for Kate in the territory.


Track 11: Eat Food, Get Gas

The track of the truck stop Kate and Humphrey is at. And it keeps playing until they escape it.


Track 12: Tails it is

Track of the event where Kate is trapped at the mudslide and Humphrey comes to the rescue.


Track 13: Garth and Lilly

Track played when scenes are about Lilly and Garth.


Track 14: Bears

Played while Kate and Humphrey tries to escape the angry bears.


Track 15: Love Train

The howls of the four main characters in a melody of love.




  • The official script (which at this point can only be seen from a few pages on The Making of Alpha and Omega) describes Humphrey and his friends as "Teenage Wolves", which contradicts the track title Pre-Teen Wolves, sugesting that the page shown, may have been an early draft.
  • On the DVD, the subtitles make a mistake during the credits, when Love Train plays, as Lilly's howls are attributed to Kate.

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