Armstrong is a male character owned/created by Blackwolf4626. Armstrong is an Omega and the younger brother of Leon. He is married to Candu and has a god-son named Sirius.


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Armstrong is an all black wolf with dark blue eyes and an "X" shaped scar upon his chest from surgery to remove a bullet from when he was shot by a poacher.


Armstrong is a fun loving and very caring Omega. Due to his position as his pack's pup-sitter, he loves to be around and play with pups, which he is very good at. He cares for his family more than anything and often avoids getting into fights of any kind, preferring to end them more than cause them. When he gets nervous or embarrassed, his ear tends to twitch.


  • Armstrong was originally designed and supposed to be an all black fox in The Outcast. This was changed due to the author wanting Armstrong to have more chemistry with the other characters.
  • When it was first going to be decided on who Armstrong was going to marry (Hutch or Candu), Blackwolf4626 held a poll to decided who the readers wanted him most with. Candu won.
  • Armstrong is married to Candu.
  • Armstrong was named by his uncle, Shay, who thought it would be manly.
  • Although he is married to Candu, Armstrong still holds very strong feelings for Nathan and sometimes thinks about what it would've been like if they had stayed together.
  • Even though he knew he was gay, Armstrong always knew he wanted pups and luckily met Sirius.
  • Armstrong got his name from a dream Blackwolf4626 had one night.

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