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A snowy wolfy

Eduardo is a a wolf who lives in the northern pack , he was left in the cold winters when he was a pup because his parents were shot by hunters and never returned he lost ever thing his mother , father , brother and sister , he was Herat broken , since he was very young and couldn't take care of his self he injured his leg because he tried to play with a bear cub and not knowing what would happen if he bit his leg , the bear cubs mother with attack him , which did happen , and he escaped it but the bear bit his leg badly and later on Kate found him crying with fear , and Kate took him to her pack and Kate's dad maded him his son , lily took care of his paw and Eve reached him other stuff , later on in his life he falls in love with Mayo , and adopt puppies named Gilbert and hasten . 


He's friendly and hates water , he can get over protective papa around his pups and likes to howl at the moon with Mayo , He loves to eat you can never fill him up and likes to chase rabbits , and ever since the bear hert him , he has a fear of any type of bear he doesn't care how cute it is he hates them .


He is all a fluffy white and barely has a black mask on his face and ears .


Please don't judge that Mayo is a boy .

Eduardo original name was Edwardo but I will save that for another oc .

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