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Alpha And Omega episodes

Episode 1- Chapter 1: The Howler

FunlovingOmega(Archangel) 2/6/2011

The first of a series.

(7 months later) Ryan: Who are you?

Salty: I’m Salty, this is Shakey. Your Garth and Lilly’s boy.

Ryan: I thought there were two more of you.

Shakey: Mooch left with his parents and Humphrey is with Kate, your auntie.

Ryan: Yeah, I know that.

Salty: If you don’t know, we’re the omegas of the pack.

Ryan: Mom says I will be the leader of the pack.

Shakey: You will.

Kate: Ryan.

Ryan: Auntie Kate!

Kate: You should be getting home soon. It’s getting late.

Ryan: Where’s Uncle Humphrey?

Humphrey: Right here, Ry.

Kate: Your about eight months old now, is that right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Kate: You’re growing fast. You really look like your mother. You’ll be fully grown in about a month.

Humphrey: Have fun while you can. You’ll be starting Alpha School soon.

Kate: He’s right. You don’t have much time for fun when you’re an alpha.

Lilly: Ryan, it’s getting late. I’ll meet you at the den. Kate, how did the hunt go?

Kate: Good. Can-do and Hutch are bringing dinner. Humphrey, you coming?

Humphrey: I’ll be there in a sec. So, I heard Mooch really left. You didn’t tell me he was leaving until he left. Salty: We thought you knew.

Humphrey: Let’s go and eat, then we can get ready for the Moonlight Howl. This will be Ry’s first time, so you two should show him how it’s done.

Shakey: Won’t Garth do that?

Humphrey: Yeah, well… You are friends, right?

Salty: I guess.

Humphrey: Excellent.


Garth: Son, tonight will be your first howl… if you have a girlfriend. Do you?

Ryan: No.

Lilly: You’ll find someone there.

Kate: We brought something.

Humphrey: Can’t howl on an empty stomach.

Ryan: I thought Alphas and Omegas couldn’t howl together.

Kate: We still anyway.

Lilly: I never told you this, but I’m an Omega, too.

Ryan: What? Then how are you two together?

Garth: It’s a really long story. Eat up and we’ll go. Kate, remember when we howled together? I want to know, was I better than Humphrey?

Kate: Uh, no.

Garth: So Humphrey was a better howler than me?

Humphrey: I still am now.

Garth: Oh, you’re so funny. I bet I can out howl you.

Humphrey: You want to challenge me to a howl?

Garth: Yes.

Lilly: I want to be the judge.

Kate: I will too.

Ryan: We should get more to make it a score out of thirty.

(Later) Hutch: You want me to judge in a howling competition?

Garth: Let’s make this more interesting. Let’s get everyone to compete. The one with the most points at the end wins.

Humphrey: Sounds good to me.

Lilly: I will make the arrangements.

Ryan: Will we still have the howl tonight?

Kate: Yes. Let’s have the challenge tomorrow, when it’s the full moon.

Winston: Kate, there you are. Why didn’t you come home for dinner?

Kate: Me and Humphrey ate here. Oh, yeah. We’re having a howling competition tomorrow night. You want in? Winston: I’m just an old wolf. I can’t howl anymore. Why did this all start?

Kate: Humphrey and Garth want to see who’s better, so they’re challenging each other. We’re gonna try to get the whole pack in.

Winston: Come back soon. It’s getting late.

Kate: Dad, tonights the Moonlight howl.

Winston: Right. Well, good night.

Kate: Good night, dad.

Humphrey: Come on, Kate. I got us a good spot.

Alpha And Omega episodes

Episode 1- Chapter 2: The Moonlight Howl



The second of a series

(The Moonlight Howl) Salty: There they are. Ready?

Shakey: Let’s do it.

Salty: Hey there. I don’t have a partner, and I was wondering if one of you would like to howl tonight with me. Girl: You were that shy one last time weren’t you?

Salty: I was him but I’m not shy.

Girl: All right. Let’s go.

Humphrey: That spot right there. Can you hold on one second? I’ll be right back.

Shakey: Hey, Humphrey.

Humphrey: So, Salty finally got her.

Ryan: Shakey!

Humphrey: Hang out with Ryan tonight.

Kate: Come on, Humphrey!

Lilly: Don’t worry about it so much. I know you will beat Humphrey tomorrow. The night we first howled, I knew you would be the best I ever heard.

Garth: Ryan, if you want to howl, you’re gonna have to find a girl. There are lots. Find one and ask her.

Ryan: All right, dad.

Humphrey: Are you ready?

Kate: Yep. Ready.

Both: (Howling)

Lilly: They’re so good. So are you.

Garth: All right. Let’s do this.

Both: (Howling)

Girl: Are you all right?

Salty: Yeah. Just warming up.

Girl: Sure taking you a long time.

Salty: Ok now. (Howling)

Girl: Wait for me. (Howling)

Ryan: Shakey, have you ever howled with anyone before?

Shakey: Once. With Reba and Janice.

Ryan: There are also omegas.

Reba: Shakey!

Shakey: See ya’, Ryan.

Girl 2: Hey, Ry. Would you like howl with me? It would be my first time.

Ryan: Okay.

Humphrey: Huh. I didn’t know Shakey would be howling tonight.

Kate: Your friends seem to be enjoying it. Look at that. It’s Ryan.

Lilly: Ry’s howling.

Garth: That’s not a wolf’s howl. It sounds more like a dog's.

Lilly: He’s just a pup. He will get a deeper voice soon.

Girl: That was okay. You just need to slow down. Keep up with me and lower your voice a little. Like me. Join in.

Both: (Howling)

Humphrey: I am proud of Salty tonight. He finally found a partner and he is also doing good with his howling. Garth: So, Humphrey. You’re gonna need to practise for tomorrow.

Humphrey: I don’t need to practise. I’m already prepared.

Garth: Good. I wouldn’t want you to mess up on your howl.

Humphrey: Don’t worry about me.

Can-do: I heard about the competition. So it’s Humphrey and Garth?

Kate: We’re also getting all the others to join too. That’s means you, Can-do.

Can-do: What about Hutch?

Lilly: He will be judging with me and Kate.

Ryan: Mom, dad! I have a partner and we’re howling. She says I’m good.

Lilly: Keep on howling and you’ll be better.

Ryan: All right.

Shakey: Well, I’m done for tonight. I think I’m going to turn in.

Salty: Me too. Later, Humphrey.

Humphrey: See you guys later.

Kate: Everyone’s leaving. I think we should go too.

Lilly: Good night, you two.

Garth: I’m tired. Let’s go to bed.


Kate: You both are good. I can’t choose now anyway.

Humphrey: Surely Lilly is gonna vote for Garth.

Kate: I’ll only vote for whose better. You were better than Garth, but he has gotten really good since Lilly taught him how to howl.

Humphrey: So, only Hutch’s vote is gonna mean anything?

Kate: I guess so. Don’t think so much about it. It’s just a challenge. It’s not like it means anything. All you’re doing is to see who howls better. I bet you no one else will care if someone is better they are.

(Alpha Den)

Garth: How was your first howl, son?

Ryan: It was great! I even got asked out.

Lilly: Good. Here, get some sleep. We stayed out a little later than expected.

Ryan: Good night.

Garth: I want to talk to you about the competition.

Lilly: Let’s talk tomorrow. I just want to get some sleep.

Alpha And Omega episodes

Episode 1- Chapter 3: The Challenge



The third of a series

(Morning) Hutch: This is retarded. Can-do: I know. Who cares who can howl better? Hutch: Well, we have no say in the matter. We might as well get ready. Sweets: So I was told. Are we seriously going to have this? Hutch: Yeah. Are you participating? Sweets: Nah. Can-do: I have to. Kate is making me. Hutch: I never heard you howl a song before. This should be interesting. What’s cool too is that I’ll be judging. Can-do: Don’t give me a bad score on purpose. Kate: Are you all ready for tonight? Sweets: They are. I’m not participating. Kate: Why not? Sweets: Howling is not really my thing. Kate: Howling is all wolves thing. Lilly: Garth is sure excited about tonight. He keeps on talking about how he’s going to dominate Humphrey. Kate: Humphrey thinks he’s going to dominate. Lilly: Them two are really gonna howl it out tonight. Kate: Everyone else is ready. The only ones not participating are Tony, Mom and Dad, and Sweets. Lilly: That’s all right. Kate: Tonight’s gonna be fun! Lilly: It sure is. See ya’! (Den) Kate: Please do good tonight, Humphrey. Don’t make joke howls. Humphrey: I thought you liked them. Kate: There good if someone’s looking for a laugh but not in serious matter. Humphrey: I will howl the best I can. Kate: Great! I know you’ll do good. Winston: Good morning Kate. Kate: Morning, dad. Eve: Everyone’s talking about the howl tonight. It must be big. Kate: It was going to start off with just Humphrey and Garth but we wanted to get the whole pack involved. Eve: Well, everyone’s excited for it. Kate: Will you two be there? Winston: We’ll be there to watch. Humphrey: This is gonna be a long night. (River) Salty: Humphrey told me we have to. Shakey: We’re not even that good at howling. Salty: My partner told me I did good last night. Are you gonna howl with Reba and Janice again? Shakey: Yeah. They’re good howlers. Ryan: Hey guys. Shakey: The Alpha’s here. Ryan: That’s right. You two are participating tonight. Salty: We know. Are you howling solo? Ryan: I guess so. Humphrey: Everyone’s getting prepared; I thought I’d just come here. Salty: I don`t know why you guys care about this howl so much. Ryan: My dad is so gonna beat you! Humphrey: Maybe. Maybe not. Ryan: He`s the best howler in the pack! Shakey: Well, I`m gonna go find some lunch. Salty: Me too. Humphrey, you coming? Humphrey: I guess. Shakey: Follow me. (Howling Rock) Kate: This is where were having it. Hutch: The most obvious place to howl. Kate: Get ready, Hutch. Set it up. Sweets and Can-do will help you. Sweets: You heard her. Let`s set this up. Can-do: With what? She didn`t give us any ideas. Sweets: That rock right there. It perfect for the performers. Hutch: This right here. Me, Lilly and Kate will judge here. Eve: I`m here. Kate wanted me to help. Sweets: Do you know where all the performers can sit when the one is up? Eve: They can sit wherever. One of the judges can just call someone`s name and they`ll come up to perform. Hutch: Perfect. First we need to make room. (Berry bush) Humphrey: So this is where you wanted to take us? Reba: Hello. Janice: You three come to join us? Shakey: Yes. Salty: He did. Humphrey: We have to meet someone. You three have a good time. (Den) Ryan: You’re gonna win… right, dad? Garth: Of course. Whose the Alpha? Ryan: You are. Garth: Whose the lowest member of the pack? Ryan: Humphrey. Garth: Good. Are you done practising? Ryan: Yes. All we have to do is wait for tonight. Lilly: I was over at the howling rock. They are done setting everything up. Are you two ready? We can start gathering everybody to go. Garth: Ryan, you get anybody that’s by the river. Lilly, get Kate and Humphrey. I’ll get everyone else. Lilly: Night is coming. (Howling rock) Winston: You want me to host? Eve: Yes. You’re not gonna be doing anything so I thought that you should host. Kate and Lilly will probobly agree. Hutch: Were all ready. We’ll wait for everyone to arrive and then we’ll start. Can-do: Whose howling first? Hutch: It’s not my place to decide. Sweets: We’ll leave it to Kate and Lilly. Lilly: We’re here. Winston: Your mother wants me to host. Kate: I think that’s a great idea Winston: Hmm. (Night) Kate: Everyone is here except three Omegas. Humphrey: Shakey, Reba and Janice. Lilly: I guess we can do this without them. Kate: Hutch! Us three are gonna stay here and judge. Lilly: Father? Winston: Huh? Oh… this is the… howling challenge I guess. Kate: Were changing it up a little. Instead of howling with a partner or opponent, you’re gonna be howling separatly. Lilly: The best howler will keep on moving on until they are beaten. Hutch: Were starting now. Winston: it’s gonna be from one till ten from each judge. Good luck. First one up is Salty. Humphrey: Go on. You did good last night. Salty: All right. (Howling) Lilly: I’d give that a six. Kate: A five. Hutch: Five. Winston: Salty, you have a sixteen. Next up is… Chelsea. (Later) Winston: Can-do, with a final score of twenty- three, you are eliminated. Still in first is Nikki with twenty-six. Humphrey, you are next. Humphrey: Are you sure you will be able to handle this? Garth: Just get up there. Humphrey: (Howling) Lilly: Ten, for sure. Hutch: A ten. Kate: Humphrey, you have thirty! Winston: Garth,you are the last one. Garth: Humphrey, you may think you are the best until you hear this. Ryan: Please, father. Garth: (Howling) Lilly: Ten! Hutch: Ten. Kate: Nine. Garth: What? Kate: I thought that was worth a nine. Winston: Garth, you came in second place with a twenty- nine. Humphrey wins with thirty. Humphrey: Looks like I out howled you, Barf. Garth: It’s Garth. Your girlfriend did that on purpose. She meant to have you win. Lilly: It’s okay, honey. It doesn’t matter. I love you no matter how good you howl. Hutch: Garth is pretty mad about that. Kate: Congratulations, you won. Humphrey: Let’s go home. (Berry bush) Shakey: Wait a minute. We missed the howl. Reba: Oh, well. Janice: Come on. Let’s get back to the pack.

The end… of episode one.

Alpha And Omega episodes

Episode 2- Chapter 1: Alpha or Omega



(Den) Ryan: Father. Why are Omegas the lowest members of the pack? Garth: You become an Omega if you didn`t do good in Wolf school. You can only become an Alpha if you did good in Wolf school and passed Alpha school. You`ll be entering Alpha school soon enough. Kate: Good morning, guys. Garth: I was thinking, Kate. You gave me nine because you knew Humphrey would win if you did that. Kate: I only gave you what I thought you deserved. Garth: You meant to give Humphrey the win. Lilly: It`s morning. Can`t you discuss this later? Garth: It was Alpha or Omega. The Alpha always wins. Kate: Not really. Humphrey beat me at a few things. Garth: Name one. Kate: He outran me a few times, and he protects me. Garth: All I know is that it wasn`t a fair decision. Lilly: Don`t think about it so much. You are still a very good howler. Kate: Well, it`s not that this isn`t very interesting, but I think I should go. Humphrey is still sleeping. Lilly: Bye, sister. (Field) Salty: Where were you last night? Shakey: I was with Reba and Janice eating berries and talking. Salty: You mean to tell me you were doing that all day long. Shakey: Janice asked me out. Salty: Did you say yes? Shakey: Of course I did. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Salty: Then why didn’t you just ask her out? Shakey: I don’t know. Can-do: You weren’t even in it. Oh, hey. Shakey: Hey, Alphas. Sweets: You did good on your howl last night, Salty. Salty: Thanks. You did good to, Can-do. Better than I did. Hutch: We better go; we got to hunt for our lunch. Salty: I know what you’re going to say. I am not eating berries with Reba and Janice. I’ll just eat at Humphrey’s Shakey: Oh well. See ya’. (Den) Kate: Humphrey! Humphrey: Huh? What? Kate: Wake up. Stop sleeping in so late. Humphrey: I’m tired in the mornings. Kate: Get up. It’s nearly lunch time. Can-do, Hutch and Sweets are hunting for it. Humphrey: Aren’t you supposed to be with them? Kate: I have a choice. Humphrey: You should let me sleep till they get here. We were up very late last night. Kate: Okay. Fine, my champion. I guess you deserve a rest. Humphrey: Thank you. Salty: Hey. Kate: Hey. What are you doing here? Salty: I was hoping I could stay for lunch. Kate: I guess that will be all right. Humphrey, your friend is here. Salty: You’re still sleeping? Humphrey: Last night made me really tired. Salty: You know Garth is still going on about that? Humphrey: He’ll get over it soon. Kate: I don’t know. He’s really flippin’ out about it. This will have to be the first time I’ve seen him angry. Hutch: Kate. Here’s your share. Kate: Thank you. Humphrey: Why aren’t you with Shakey? Salty: He’s always with Reba and Janice now. Humphrey: You should talk to him about that. Surely he’ll listen to you. Salty: I’ll try. But I don’t think that will do any good. Humphrey: You two are like best friends. If you talk to him, perhaps he’ll understand that he is spending too much time with the girls. Salty: I’ll go now. Kate: I thought you were staying to eat. Salty: I’ll eat later. (Den) Ryan: I’m gonna go. I need to meet somebody. Lilly: Who? Ryan: Just a friend. Can-do: Here you go. Lilly: Ryan, aren’t you gonna eat? Ryan: No! Lilly: Sometimes I find it hard to believe that our son is growing up. Garth: He’ll turn out to be a fine Alpha. Lilly: When do you think we should send him for training? Garth: We’ll train him in the winter. Lilly: That’s only a month away. Do you think he’s ready? Garth: Of course. I know he’s ready. Lilly: Who’s gonna tell him? Garth: I will. He should be excited. He’ll finally be a full Alpha.

Alpha And Omega episodes

Episode 2- Chapter 2: Winter’s appearance



(One month later) Garth: Son, you will be taken away for training tomorrow. Ryan: What? No! Lilly: We told you, you were gonna go for training last month. Every Alpha has to do this. Garth: Winston and Eve are the trainers. You will be away all winter. Ryan: Will I be back in the spring? Lilly: Yes. You leave first thing in the morning. The training takes place just outside Jasper. Ryan: How many others are going? Garth: At least five more. Lilly: Enjoy your last day here. You’ve got a hard winter ahead of you. (Outside) Humphrey: Snow, heh? Kate: Better stay clear of me. I got the snowballs ready. Humphrey: Oh, really? Take this! Kate: You asked for it. Garth: What are they doing? Lilly: Looks like they`re having a snowball fight. Ryan: We should join. Garth: We are Alphas. Ryan: Come on. You said you wanted me to enjoy my last day. Lilly: Come on, honey. Garth: All right. Humphrey: Look whose joining in. Hay, Kate, look behind you. Now! Kate: Ow! Okay, so you all want it. Sweets: This is entertaining. Can-do: Let`s watch. Salty: What`s going on here? Shakey: It looks like a snowball fight. Salty: Let’s go down the hill. Shakey: Shouldn’t we bring Humphrey? Salty: He’s having fun right now. Humphrey: Hey, Kate. Let’s go down the hill and show them what you can do. Kate: On a log? Humphrey: Yes. Let’s go. (Hill) Salty: It’s gonna be weird doing this without Humphrey. Humphrey: Boring, heh? Shakey: How did you know we were coming up here? Humphrey: We didn’t. Me and Kate are going down too. Kate: Let’s make this interesting. How about we race down. Salty: Sounds fun. We’re in. Humphrey: Great. Ready? Shakey: Ready, Humphrey. Humphrey: All right. Go! Salty: Shakey, keep the back in control. Humphrey: Forty degree turn ahead! Now! Ha! Salty: Okay, full speed! Humphrey: You two are good. Shakey: We got our skills from someone. Humphrey: I would keep your eyes in front of you if I were you. Salty: What? Ah! Kate: Looks like we won. Humphrey: Brake! Kate: Are they okay. Humphrey: Of course. Wouldn’t be the first time they crashed. Kate: Uh, Humphrey? Shakey: Wolf pile! Humphrey: Whoa! Caught me by surprise there. Salty: Of course. Wouldn’t be the first time. Humphrey: That’s very funny. Shakey: Up top! Kate: Let’s get back to the den. It’s getting dark. Humphrey: See ya’, guys. (Den) Humphrey: Today was pretty fun. Wasn’t it, Kate? Kate: It was. Did you know Ry’s going away for training tomorrow? Humphrey: No. Let me guess: Till spring. Kate: You remember. Humphrey: Of course I do. Lilly: Hey, sister. Kate: Hi, Lilly. Lilly: I hope you don’t mind, but we decided to come over because this is Ry’s last day here. Kate: Don’t worry about it. It would be nice to see him one last time. Ryan: You too. Humphrey: Are you excited? Ryan: Not really. I don’t like working and such. Kate: You’re gonna have to get used to it. You’re an Alpha. Garth: One of the most important things you’re gonna learn to do, is your howl. Howling is the greatest thing a wolf’s got. Kate: You also need to howl good in order to get a mate. Winston: Ryan, I suggest you get some sleep. You and the others are leaving before dawn. Garth: That wasn’t very long. Lilly: Well, I guess we should head back. Ryan: See you next spring. Kate: Bye, Ryan. Humphrey: See ya’. Kate: Maybe we should get some sleep too. No point in staying up much longer. Humphrey: Good night. Kate: ‘Night, Humphrey.

Alpha And Omega episodes

Episode 2- chapter 3: Gone to Alpha school



(On the road) Ryan: I can’t believe I’m doing this. This is non-sense! Eve: Do you want to be a full Alpha? Ryan: Yes. Eve: Then you’re gonna have to do this. Every Alpha has to do this. That doesn’t change with you. Jen: Come on, Ryan. This is gonna be fun. Ryan: I hope your right. Winston: We’ll be there at lunch. Ryan: I never met you before. What is your name? And how do you know mine? Jen: I’m Jen, and I know you because I see you all over the place; mostly with the Omegas. Ryan: They are good friends. Jen: I know they are. They’re peacekeepers. Ryan: They are more than peacekeepers. They have helped me with a lot of things and I consider them my best friends. Jen: You’re not gonna have much time for them after we finish this training. Alphas are important and they are constant workers. Our days for fun are over. Omegas keep that when they finish school. Omegas can do whatever they want in their time, we don’t. We have to do our duties, being an Alpha means hunting, protection and a lot of other important things that we will learn soon. Ryan: I have to say. I think I would rather be an Omega. Winston: What? Jen: You have a choice in the matter. If you want to be an Omega, I suggest you leave now; you can’t be an Omega once you get passed the training. Eve: You’re a pretty smart girl. Jen: Are you gonna stay or leave? Ryan: I didn’t say I was going to leave! I just said that I would rather be an Omega. Jen: And you can be. Just go if you want to. Ryan: I am staying. Jen: Good. Ryan: You are the most confused wolf I have ever met. Jen: I’m confused? You’re the one that said you wanted to be an Omega and started yelling at me when I told you, you could go if you wanted to. Ryan: You make no sense. Jen: Are you lost? Ryan: Whatever. You’re a girl. Of course you won’t understand. Jen: Yeah, because I’m the one that needs to understand. You know, let’s just not talk the rest of the trip. Ryan: I’m not the one that needs to stop talking. Eve: Both of you, stop talking. You’re giving me a headache. Winston: These two are gonna be rough on each other. Eve: They’ll start getting along eventually. (Jasper) Humphrey: (Yawning) Kate: Oh, get up! You’ve been sleeping in for over a month now. What happened to getting up early? Humphrey: Getting up early is so overrated. Kate: What a kid’s answer. Humphrey: You’re a kid’s answer. Kate: Ha ha! Acting all childish today aren’t we? Humphrey: I’m not the one acting childish. Kate: You’re funny. I hope you know you slept in past lunch. I thought you deserved it. But it ends now. No more sleeping in. Starting now, you’re gonna start getting up with me. Humphrey: Nah. Kate: Yeah right! Come on. All the Alphas have gone for training. Hey, Humphrey. When the Alphas come back from training, every day we are going to have survival class. Humphrey: What about me? Kate: You can watch or you can stay here. Class will be going on for an hour each day. They graduate after a year. Humphrey: Can Omegas take this? Kate: Yes, but I doubt any will want to. Humphrey: I’ll join. Kate: Humphrey, you’re an adult. Humphrey: I know. Kate: Fine. Let’s just see how well your survival skills are. Don’t get too excited, class starts in the spring. Humphrey: So where are we going? Kate: I’m going down to the river for a bit. Me and the girls are gonna hang out. Humphrey: Ah. Kate: Are you sure you wanna come? Humphrey: Oh, yes. Kate: Humphrey, please don’t do anything stupid. This is the first time you came with me to see my friends. (Training area) Ryan: This isn’t quite how I expected it. Jen: Well, get used to it. We’re gonna be here all winter. Winston: Everyone, listen up. Today just get to know everyone and get familiar with the area. Tomorrow we expect to see you here. Eve: If anyone has questions, we will be in the den. Ryan: I hope coming here was worth it. Jen: It will be. Make some friends and you’re sure to have a good time. Ryan: This is just like Wolf school, only harder. We don’t have room for a good time. Jen: Sure we do. You just got to find it. Ryan: I’m sure finding it won’t be easy.

Alpha And Omega episodes

The Movie



(Jasper) Garth: Have you ever seen so much snow? Kate: And it’s still coming down hard. Lilly: How are they supposed to do the training in this? Kate: It might not be snowing over there. It is a little ways from here. Humphrey: If we stay here I think we’re gonna get snowed in. Garth: So what do you suppose we do, Humphrey? Humphrey: I don’t know. I was just stating a fact. Kate: We should warn the pack. Garth: I don’t think it’s that serious. Lilly: Not everyone has their own den. A lot of them stay outside. Humphrey: So, why don’t we just provide them shelter? Lilly: That`s a good idea. Garth: We will take the Alphas. You will take the Omegas. Humphrey: Fine by me. Kate: My parents can take a few. Garth: They can take the betas. Hutch: Hey, Kate. Kate: What`s the problem. Hutch: The hunt is gonna be off for today. If this keeps up, we`re gonna be without food for a while. Kate: Have you tried to hunt? Hutch: Yes. Can-do and Sweets are still out there. No caribou are gonna be out. Kate: Wait. Tell Can-do and Sweets you three are staying with Lilly and Garth tonight. Hutch: Why? Kate: With the storm acting up like this, everyone will need a shelter. Hutch: Thank you. Garth: What are we supposed to do? Starve? Kate: I guess if you`re hungry, you`re gonna have to look for food yourself. Lilly: What are we doing out here anyway? Let`s go inside. (Training Area) Winston: We have various courses for you to take. During the time you are here, you are expected to take all of them. With the exception of one, which we will discuss with you later. Half of the courses are academic, the other is fitness. Eve: Being an Alpha isn’t all strength and leadership, it’s also about looking after the pack. Now, Winston will be teaching academics, I will be teaching fitness. Half of the day you will be with me and half with him. Winston: When I call your name, it means you be in my class first thing in the morning every morning. Eve: The ones I call will be coming to my class. When class is over, you will have a fifteen minute break. After the break you will go to the opposite class you were in. This cycle will go on every day. Winston: Jen… Murphy… Jewels… Ryan… Vanessa and Tucker. Follow me. Ryan: What are the odds of me being in the same class as you all winter? Jen: At least I will be able to see how smart you are. Ryan: I’m probably smarter than you are. Jen: Let’s test that theory. Ryan: We’ll be testing it soon. Vanessa: Do you two ever stop arguing? Jen: We would if this kid didn’t have a response for everything. (Jasper) Kate: The storm ain’t lettin’ up. Lilly: Storms don’t last that long. It’ll calm down soon enough. Humphrey: I wonder where everyone is. Kate: Yeah, I haven’t seen anybody. Garth: I’ll go look. Lilly: They might all be in a den. Humphrey: I doubt that. Lilly: We wouldn’t be able to notice them anyway. Garth: I guess. Kate: Garth, I have to tell you the truth. I gave you a nine because if I gave you a ten you would’ve been tied with Humphrey. So I gave him the win. Garth: That’s nice. I don’t really care about that anymore. Lilly was right. It doesn’t matter. Humphrey: At least you understand. Garth: You still think you’re the best don’t you? Humphrey: I proved myself. Lilly: You said it didn’t matter, Garth. Garth: Humphrey just needs to stop bragging about it. It wasn’t a fair vote. Kate: Great. This again. Humphrey: Kate, let’s go back to our den. He’s gonna be like this for a while. Garth: I’m sorry, Lilly. You can see what Humphrey was trying to do right? Lilly: I saw what he was doing. Garth, you’re a caring, loving Alpha; just don’t let him get to you. You remember when they were in Idaho. You treated me so well, you cared so much for my feelings and you still do. Try to be friends with Humphrey. He has a great personality and… Garth: Ha! Lilly, he may be nice to some of us but most of the time he’s not. I’ve tried to be friends with him but he does not know when to be serious. Tell me, Lilly. Has he ever been serious with you? Lilly: Yes, he has. We don’t talk much, but when we do he is and he shows it. Please. Just try. Garth: Fine, but if he’s not serious… Lilly: Then you’ll try again. (Training area) Jen: What did you think of class? Ryan: It was all right but it will get harder. Jewels: Hey, Jen. You wanna come with me and the girls for lunch? Jen: Okay. Julian: I think you like her. Ryan: Who are you? Julian: I’m Julian from the northern pack. Were you just in Winston’s class? Ryan: Yes. Julian: I was in Eve’s. Ryan: So… What do you want? Julian: You like Jen don’t you? Ryan: No I don’t. I think she’s selfish and confused. Julian: You just need to find something to talk about other than topics to argue about. Do that for a while and you two will be good friends. Ryan: She’s already got a lot of friends. Julian: Do you? Ryan: No. I guess not. Julian: Than go talk to her. I’ll be here observing. Ryan: You know what, Julian? You’re an all right guy. Julian: Thank you. Now go, get out of here. Ryan: Hey, Jen. Jen: Do you need something? Ryan: Do you mind meeting me tonight by the lake? We got off on the wrong foot, and I would like to get to know you. Jen: Sure. I’ll see you tonight. Ryan: Actually, we’ll see each other in class. Jen: Oh. Okay. Well… see ya`. Ryan: Bye. (Jasper) Kate: Well, Humphrey. I guess the Moonlight howl is cancelled. Humphrey: At least the storm calmed. Marcel: Look who it is. Kate: Marcel! It’s good to see you. Where’s Paddy? I thought he would be with you. Marcel: He’s with a pintail. I don’t know where. Humphrey: I thought you went back to Idaho after the celebration. Kate: Wasn’t that a year ago? Marcel: We were sight-seeing. We also went to the big city, that was a mistake. Humphrey: Tell me about it. I almost walked into one. Kate: Really? Where? Humphrey: There’s one a couple miles outside Jasper. Don’t go to it. Trust me. Marcel: So, have you two gotten… married? Kate: No, we haven’t. Marcel: You two have been together forever; don’t you think you should move on? Humphrey: We tried but we can’t. It’s against pack law. Marcel: You two remember when you were coming back from Sawtooth? Do you understand how much crazy decisions you made, and how many risks you took? Maybe this should be one of them. Kate: I don’t think we should. Humphrey: Come on, Kate. Garth and Lilly got married. Kate: That was the only way we could’ve united the packs. Humphrey: Let’s unite ourselves Marcel: Now you’re talking. Kate: Yes. Let’s do it. Marcel: I’ll go get Paddy… if I can find him. Kate: I can’t believe we’re doing this. Humphrey: This is gonna be great. Kate: This is gonna anger a lot of wolves; especially the Alphas. Humphrey: Don’t worry. Kate: I have to worry. My parents are gonna be so disappointed. Humphrey: They weren’t disappointed when I saved your life. Kate: That was different. They didn’t think we were gonna get married. Humphrey: They know we love each other. Kate: We do love each other. The Alphas though… if we get married, the Alphas have the right to separate us. They can make sure we never see each other again. Can-do and Hutch are the ones to make that decision for our pack. Humphrey: But you’re an Alpha. Kate: And I’m also the one breaking the law. Humphrey: Do we love each other that much to make those risks? I love you enough to. Kate: I do too. Humphrey: Thank you. Kate: We can’t do this without the pack knowing. Humphrey: We’ll try our hardest not to let them know. (Training area) Ryan: Where is she? Jen: I’m right here. So you said you wanted to get to know me. Ryan: Yes I did. So, where are you from? Jen: I’m from the northern pack. I’ve been there my whole life. Where are you from? Ryan: The western pack. Jen: That’s awesome! I hear that the western territory is the most beautiful territory in all of Jasper. Do you have any special traditions that you do? Ryan: Our most common one is the Moonlight Howl. Jen: We don’t have those. We have nowhere to do them. Ryan: Have you ever considered coming to our territory? Jen: I wish I could, but I can’t. It would be against pack law to invade your territory. Ryan: Just say you’re visiting. Jen: If only It was that easy. I don’t want to get in trouble. Ryan: Can’t you just switch packs? Jen: My parents would never let me do that. Ryan: Look at the moon. Let’s get back to our talk about the moonlight howl. Jen: What about it. Ryan: Would you like to have your first howl? Jen: With you? Sure. Ryan: Ready? Jen: Yes. Ready. Both: (Howling) Tucker: Are those two howling? I thought they hated each other. Julian: Well, I guess they didn’t. Vanessa: Just what we need. A school romance. Ryan: Wasn’t that great? Jen: It was. Thank you, Ryan. Well… I… I better go… to bed. Good night, Ryan. Ryan: Good night, Jen. Julian: I was just trying to get you two to be friends, and now you two are going out. Ryan: Crazy world we live in. But great. (Jasper) Lilly: Go to Kate and Humphrey’s and talk to him. Garth: Are you sure you want me to this? Lilly: Yes. Tell me how it went when you come back. (Den) Kate: Don’t tell anyone till I say it’s okay. Garth is coming. Garth: Hey. Humphrey, can I talk to you? Humphrey: About what? Garth: Just come here. Humphrey: Kate, can we be left alone? So, what is this about? Garth: I know we haven’t been getting along so well, so I wanted to see if we could be friends. Humphrey: Not getting along? I was just joking around. I’m an Omega. That’s what we do. Garth: Oh, ok. Try not to do that as much. It sometimes gets to people, like that time you called me a moose and that I was a big one. Humphrey: You called me a coyote. Garth: And you seemed to take it well. Humphrey: Lilly, is a bit of a jokester. Has she ever got to you? Garth: No, because she’s actually funny. Humphrey: Amusing. Garth: I’m gonna go now. Kate: What was that all about? Humphrey: Garth wanted to be friends. Kate: Are you? Humphrey: I guess so. (Den) Lilly: So how did it go? Garth: I don’t know. I can’t tell if he was joking or being serious. He is a really hard one, kind of like a coyote. Lilly: I’ll invite them over. We’ll all have dinner tonight. (Night) Kate: So why did you invite us over? Lilly: So we all could have a night together. Humphrey: Kate, do you think we should tell them? Kate: I don’t know. Garth: Tell us what? Lilly: I’m your sister. You could tell me anything. Humphrey: I’ll do it. Me and Kate are getting married. Lilly: That’s great! Garth: No it’s not. It’s against pack law. You will be forced to be separated, and Humphrey will probably be kicked out of the pack. Lilly: Come on, Garth. We got married. Garth: They let us. It was the only way we could’ve united the packs. Humphrey: We’re getting married. We love each other and we’ve been waiting for this for a while. Lilly: When is this? Kate: We’ll first have to let the whole pack know. Garth: That’s not gonna be easy. Humphrey: Your parents aren’t going to know. They’re gone all winter. Kate: We could do it without them. Garth: Enough with the crazy talk. Let’s just eat our dinner and then we will talk about this tomorrow. Humphrey: The pack will be fine with it. Kate: We’ll talk about it later, Humphrey. (Training area) Jen: Ryan, I was thinking about last night and I would like to say thank you again. I really enjoyed. You might say it was somewhat romantic. Ryan: The full moon will be here in a few nights. Let’s have ourselves a real moonlight howl. Jen: I guess I was wrong about you. Ryan: Me too. Winston: You two. Break is in fifteen minutes. You can talk then. Ryan, come here. Ryan: What’s up? Winston: Are you two starting something? Ryan: Yeah. Winston: Try not to be distracted during class time. Don`t let a relationship jeopardize your chances of being an Alpha. Save it for after class. Ryan: Don`t worry, I will. Winston: Great. You may go back to work now. (Break) Jen: Perhaps when training is over I’ll come join your pack. Ryan: I doubt my pack will allow it, but it’s worth a try. Jen: I can’t wait. Ryan: Me either. Jen: I said I would meet with the girls. See you later. Ryan: Bye. Julian: I’m proud of you. We may have just met, but you have done a great deal in a small time-span. Ryan: When it’s the full moon, I’m gonna give her the time of her life. Julian: What’s that? Ryan: She said she has never been to a moonlight howl, so we’re gonna have one ourselves. Julian: Everyone was watching you two howl last night. You must really love each other. Ryan: We do, but I don’t know how to tell her. Julian: You could tell her at what you call, “the moonlight howl”. Ryan: That’s perfect! Thank you! You really are a true friend. Julian: Where are you going? Ryan: I don’t know! (Jasper) Paddy: That’s great. I don’t know why you’re disappointed. Kate: The alphas can separate us if we do this. We don’t want that to happen. Marcel: Your still gonna do it right? Humphrey: Yes. If they break us up, at least they’ll know how much we loved each other. If it gets ugly… I will defend us. Kate: Please, Humphrey. If it does get to that, please don’t fight your way out of it, you’ll be banished from ever seeing anyone from this pack again. Humphrey: I will risk it for you. Paddy: Two would have to be really in love in order to risk that. Kate: Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that at all. Paddy: We’ll be there. Speaking for you, if we have a say. Kate: We would have to wait until my parents come back. If they approve of this, the pack might too. Humphrey: Then I will wait. Marcel: Don’t worry about it. I’m sure they’ll let you do it. Kate: I wish things were that easy. Humphrey: You can make them. Paddy: I need to go now. Marcel: You are not going if you are going to meet with that pintail. Paddy: See ya’ Marcel: Paddy! I need to go too. Sorry. Humphrey: Don’t think about it so much. We need to wait anyway. Kate: Sure. Why don’t we go do something? Humphrey: All right. I’ll whatever you want to do. Kate: I guess I’ll go hang out with the girls. Humphrey: I guess I’ll go hang out with the guys. (Den) Lilly: Come on, Garth. The moonlight howl starts in an hour. Garth: Are you… Wow. You changed your fur style. It looks good. It’s perfect for tonight. Lilly: Thank you. I was hoping you would like it. Garth: It’s you, Lilly. I will always like it. Where are Kate and Humphrey? They usually come here before we go. Lilly: Maybe this time they’re not. Garth: Well, we still got some time to waste. You wanna go for a walk? Lilly: Sure. (Training) Ryan: Huh. I didn’t think it would be the full moon tonight. Every full moon, we have a moonlight howl. Julian: I still can’t believe you’re gonna tell her. Ryan: She’s coming. Get out of here. Julian: Good luck. Jen: Hi, Ryan. Ryan: I thought we could do the moonlight howl tonight. It’s the full moon and tonight’s the night we have ours. Jen: All right. Let’s wait till dark. (Midnight) Eve: What are they doing up so late? They got class in the morning. Winston: Hold on. Ryan: Well, Jen. Your first moonlight howl. Jen: I am excited and so happy we are doing this. No other boy would do this for me. Ryan: Are you ready? Jen: Yes. Both: (Howling a romantic duet) Eve: They must be really in love. Do you think we should get them? Winston: Let them be kids. This is their last chance anyway. Jen: That was so great. Ryan: Jen, I have something that I have been wanting to tell you. Jen: What is it? Ryan: I just want to tell you that I… um… I love you. Jen: Me too. Ryan: Come on. Let’s go. Jen: Thank you. (Morning) Jen: Last night was fantastic. Thank you. You are the only boy I know that I actually care about. Ryan: You and me. Did you ever think this would happen? Jen: Not in a million years. We started off arguing nonstop, I thought we would hate each other throughout the summer. Ryan: Well, training is half way over. Pretty soon you and I will be free. Jen: I don’t know if you’ll go for this, but I’ve always wanted to start my own pack. Ryan: Then we will start a pack, all our own. Jen: After training, can we do that? Ryan: Yes. Jen: Thank you, Ryan. You’re the light of my life. Ryan: You’re the light of mine. (Jasper) Lilly: Ryan’s gonna be back in a month. Garth: I wonder if he found himself a girl. Lilly: Probably, it’s school. Garth: One thing I can’t believe is that our son is gonna be the leader of our pack. (Training) Ryan: My parents are gonna be devastated once they find out I’m not coming back. (Jasper) Lilly: I’m so proud of him. Garth: Everyone is. Shakey: Hey. Sorry to bug you, but have you seen Reba and Janice? Garth: Try looking by the berry bushes. Lilly: I love the omega guys. They are so cute and playful. Garth: If you paid attention in Wolf school, you should know that Omegas adults are actually more puppy than wolf because they don’t have the brain of an Alpha. Lilly: So I’m not as sophisticated as you are? Garth: No. I don’t even know why you are an Omega. Why did you do bad In Wolf School? Lilly: I was too shy to ask for help or talk to others. I was a loner. I was actually a bit relieved when I found out I was an Omega. I feel that Omegas have more freedom than Alphas. Garth: Being an Alpha means you’re more respected. Lilly: I don’t mind the respect. If you were an Omega for one day, I bet you would love it and would never want to back to Alpha again. Garth: Maybe I’ll try it someday. Lilly: Tomorrow. I’ll show you the most common things an Omega male would do. We might need Humphrey and his friends. Garth: Great. Lilly: Don’t worry. It’ll be fun (Morning) Humphrey: I never knew that the day will come that Garth actually wants to become an Omega. Garth: I want to be an Omega. Humphrey: After this you will. Lilly: Omegas are fun and Freedom-loving. You may not know this but Omegas are for being protectors of the pack. Garth: Omegas are protectors? Humphrey: Believe it or not we are. Shakey: Have you ever heard of a wolf pile? Humphrey: It’s pretty stupid. One of us yells wolf pile and we’ll all jump on each other. Salty: You wanna try? Garth: No thank you. Lilly: It’ll be fun, Garth. Garth: Fine. I’ll do it. Kate: This is gonna be funny. Shakey: Wolf pile! Kate: Ha, ha! It’s so funny seeing an Alpha do that. Garth: For a first I’ll say that was okay. Humphrey: That was good. Now let’s move to something more downhill. (Hill) Garth: We’re doing downhill… on a log. Lilly: Yes, and it’ll be fun. Salty: Are you ready? Garth: I can’t believe I’m doing this. Yes. Whoa! Humphrey: Come on, Garth. Keep it steady! Garth: This is my first time! Kate: I think Garth is having fun. He just won’t admit it. Lilly: He will soon. Come on. I think we should get down there. (Bottom) Garth: How can you not find that scary? Humphrey: We are experienced. Lilly: So, how was it? Garth: It was all right, I guess. Kate: Just say it, Garth. This is better. Garth: I do like the freedom. Humphrey: Boys, I’ll let you take it over from here. Show him everything we do. Give him the most fun he has ever had. Lilly: Maybe I’ll even show you what I do for fun. Kate: See ya’. Humphrey: Garth will enjoy it. Kate: Why are you doing this for him? Humphrey: I wanna show him how fun Omegas really are. This isn’t even my plan. This is all Lilly’s. (Evening) Lilly: How was it, Garth? You spent the whole day as an Omega. Garth: It was actually quite fun. Lilly: Really? Garth: Please don`t tell anyone that. Humphrey: So, Garth. How was it? Lilly: Just say it. Garth: Fine I had fun. Humphrey: Would you rather be an Omega? Garth: No. I like my responsibilities and the respect I get. Lilly: Thank you for doing this, Garth. You wanna go now? Garth: Sure. Come on. Humphrey: I think he was lying. He loved it. Good job, boys. Salty: We should make this daily. Shakey: We know he`ll want it. Humphrey: He will decline. Let`s wait a few more days. Kate: You two are welcome to come over for dinner. Salty: Do you have plans with… Shakey: No I don`t. We`re free. Humphrey: Cool. See you later. (Training Area) Eve: We will be starting our last unit today. Our howling unit. I know that two of you have already started howling a lot and that’s good. We will be howling a lot. If you have any questions, come ask me. When you think you are ready to take your howling test, come and see me and I will test you. Jen: I’m guessing I’ll take the test very soon. Eve: I’ve seen you howl with Ryan before. You’re gonna need more experience if you are to pass this unit. You have to howl perfectly. I hope to see all of you howling, you only have one month until training is over. I saved this unit for last because this is the most important gift a wolf has got. You need to howl good to find a mate. Good luck. Ryan: More practise? Do you think we are good enough? Jen: I don’t know. Maybe we should practise just to be safe. Ryan: When is latest we can take our test? Eve: The day before the last. That is tons of time. Ryan: What do you say we get practising? Jen: Let’s do it. (One month later) Lilly: Ryan’s gonna be here today. I can’t wait to see him. Garth: Are you gonna tell your parents what you are going to do? Kate: We have to. Humphrey: I am nervous, but I know we are doing the right thing. Kate: We have been talking about this every day for the whole winter and I think I will spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, Humphrey. I always will. Humphrey: You too, Kate. Hutch: Oh, I’m sorry. Is this a bad time? Kate: No. Hutch: I just wanted to say that they are almost here. They are in Jasper. We just need to wait a few more minutes. Do you mind if I stay? Kate: It’s alright. Hutch: I was also informed that your son is not coming back. Garth: What? Hutch: He decided to leave and start a new pack with his girlfriend. They are engaged now, and all of you are invited to his wedding next week. Lilly: Why is he doing this? Hutch: He is deeply in love with the girl he met. They howled a duet every full moon. Garth: It’s okay, Lilly. He’s grown up now. He’s living his life as an Alpha. He will be a great leader for his new pack. Lilly: He’s only year old. Garth: That’s the perfect age. His wedding is next week. We’ll go see him then. Lilly: Is he still in Jasper? Hutch: Yes. He is about twenty miles away from the pack. If you have the time, that should be good enough to see him once a week. (South) Ryan: I hope my parents aren’t taking this the wrong way. Do you think this is a bad idea, doing this? Jen: We are doing the right thing. Ryan: I still find it hard to believe that we are getting married. Just a couple months ago, all we did was argue. Jen: That’s how wolves sometimes start off. Ryan: I can’t wait to see my parents. Jen: You will see them next week. For now, let’s just rest. We had a long, hard winter. Ryan: I agree. (West) Kate: Mom, Dad! Winston: It’s good to see you. Kate: Me and Humphrey have been wanting to tell you something all winter. Eve: What is it? Kate: Please don’t freak out. This is really important to us. Humphrey: We are gonna get married. Hutch: That’s against pack law! Winston: You do know that Hutch has the authority to stop this. Kate: Please. You let Garth and Lilly get married. Hutch: That was for the good of the packs. This is just a regular marriage. Kate: Hutch, we have been good friends for a long time. Hutch: I don’t know. Humphrey: Doesn’t the pack leader have the authority over everyone? If they do; Garth or Lilly can make Hutch not do anything about this. Eve: Do you two truly wanna get married? Kate: Yes. Lilly: Let them, Garth. Garth: You two may get married. Hutch: This will anger many packs. Garth: Enough. The decision is made. You two will get married tomorrow. I suggest you get ready. Kate: Thank you so much. Humphrey: I guess you are decant. (Den) Humphrey: I did not expect Garth to allow that. Kate: Told you he was a nice guy. Humphrey: Enough about Garth. We are getting married tomorrow. Kate: I feel good knowing that I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with you. Humphrey: I feel honoured. An Omega and an Alpha. Kate: Alpha and Omega. Humphrey: Ha. Kate: Well, let’s get ready. We have the best day of our lives ahead of us. (Alpha Den) Lilly: Thank you for doing that, Garth. Yours and Humphrey’s friendship is really gonna go well now. Garth: I’m just wondering if I did the right thing. I just broke the law. Lilly: You did the right thing. You made two wolves lives better. Sweets: I heard what happened. I can’t believe this is happening. Can-do: We can’t let other packs hear of this. Garth: They will find out. Lilly: Only if we let them. Can-do: Which we’re not. We will get in big trouble. (Morning) Kate: I promise this will be the last time, Lilly. Garth: At least you’re not marrying someone that I’m in totally love with. Kate: Totally? Do you have feelings for Humphrey? Lilly: A little, but I’m in love with Garth. We’re married. You two are perfect for each other. Kate: So are you and Garth. Does my tail look good? Lilly: I’ve been brushing it for twenty minutes. Why didn’t you brush mine on my wedding? Kate: You didn’t ask me to. What about fur? Lilly: fur? Lilly: Yes. Stop worrying about your looks so much. You look… hot. Kate: Lilly. (Other den) Shakey: Are you ready? Humphrey: Yes. Reba/Janice: Good luck! Humphrey: I see Shakey invited them. Salty: Kate will be a few minutes. Mooch: Humphrey. Humphrey: Mooch! Mooch: I wasn’t about to miss this day. Humphrey: Glad you can be here. Can you be one of my best men? I’m short one. Salty: I don’t know why you’re making this so human like. Humphrey: I want it to be really special. Mooch: No one will even get it. Shakey: Make it a traditional wedding. She’ll love it. Humphrey: Fine. Salty: She’s coming. Get ready to walk. Humphrey: I’m going. I’m going. So, here we are. Kate: Yep. So, do you want to start? Humphrey: Not if you want to. Kate: Ok. Let’s start together. Shakey: I love weddings. Salty: You say that every wedding. Shakey: Now they`re be loving noses to… Salty: We know. (Applause) Kate: So it`s done. We`re married. Humphrey: Yes we are. I`ve never felt better. Garth: What are you gonna do now? Kate: We`ll think of something. Humphrey: Haven`t you ever thought about having a pup? Kate: A little bit. But I half to teach survival class. Humphrey: Don`t worry. I take care of it. So we`re gonna have a pup? Kate: Yes we are. Humphrey: Come on. Eve: Where are they going? Sweets: Hutch, this wedding made me think… Can-do: Whoa! Wait till I leave. Lilly: I wanted to thank you again for making this happen. My sister couldn`t be happier. Reba: Come on, Shakey. Shakey: I gotta go. Mooch: Well, tell Humphrey I said bye. I`m leaving Jasper for good. Salty: Good luck. See ya`. Marcel: Paddy, you made us late! Paddy: Me? If you would`ve left that pintail alone we would be here on time. (Den) Humphrey: This would be the first time we done this. Kate: Let`s get it done. Humphrey: I love you, Kate. Kate: Same to you. (My Valentine By Martina McBride) The end. More episodes coming soon!!! A story by 3303Dragon.

Based on Alpha And Omega

Finished April 18 2011

This extra-long episode has lots of surprises. Read to find out. Mostly about Kate and Humphrey, Ryan and Jen. This episode, what I call the movie, is all about love.

Last episode of the season.

Alpha And Omega episodes

Episode 3- Chapter 1: The unexpected surprise



(About a week later) Ryan: I am so nervous. At least I will be able to see my pack one last time before we go to Alaska. Jen: That is gonna be the longest journey ever. Ryan: Well, what do you know? They’re here early. Lilly: Ryan! Ryan: Hey, mom. Lilly: So this is her? Jen: My name is Jen. You are? Lilly: I’m Lilly. Garth: Hey, son. Getting married eh? Ryan: Yeah it’s great. Lilly: So you two are gonna start a pack? I can’t wait to see the pups. Ryan: That’s gonna be a problem. We’re not staying here. Garth: Where are you going? Ryan: Me and Jen are going to Alaska to start our pack there. Mom, wait? Jen: Your mother is really sad. Kate: You know this was bound to happen. Lilly: I just can’t believe I will probably never see him again. Kate: You can always visit him. Lilly: He’s going to Alaska. That’s a really long trip. Jen: Lilly. We are still having the wedding here. Once everyone arrives, we will start. We still have to wait for my pack. Ryan: The wedding won’t start until tonight. Cheer up, mom. This isn’t the end. I will come to visit you. Lilly: Be a good pack leader. Ryan: I will, mother. Garth: Come on, Lilly. We need to ready for tonight. This could be one of the best days of our lives. Kate: There you are, Humphrey. Why were you so far behind? Humphrey: I don’t know. Kate: Well, Ryan is going to Alaska. Humphrey: Hmm. If we have a pup, this will probably happen too. Kate: I know. Actually… I have wanted to tell you something. I just found this out yesterday. Humphrey: What is it? Kate: I am… Um… Pregnant. Humphrey: Kate, that’s great! Kate: Yes, but that might be a problem. I have to teach survival class, and you are an Omega. Humphrey: So. The rest of the pack will be willing to help us. Kate: Hutch is still angered that we broke the law. If we ask him, he will say no. Humphrey: Then we won`t ask him. Garth and Lilly have experience. They might help us. I can also get Reba, Janice, Salty, Shakey, and a few others. Jeez, Claw and Scar will help for sure. Kate: I wouldn`t be too sure about that. They still have a grudge on you. Humphrey: Does anyone else know about this? Kate: No. Humphrey: How many more times will we have to provide shocking news to the pack? Kate: As much as we need to. Humphrey: Might as well go tell them now. Kate: Everyone! Everyone, please listen. Humphrey: Do you want to say it? Kate: I am pregnant. The pups will be here soon. Eve: Kate, is this… Kate: Yes, mom. It is. Eve: Don’t worry, Humphrey. I’m not gonna attack you. Kate: Are you okay with this? Eve: Having pups with Omegas never turns out good. Your pups will most likely be Omegas. Humphrey: It’s alright. Our pups will be taught well. Winston: I never thought you would have pups with him of all wolves. Kate: I love Humphrey and we are gonna pull through this. Winston: I wish you a good parenthood. I also have a way of telling if the pup is an Alpha. When the pup is at a young age and it acts roughly against the others, it will most likely be an Alpha. That’s how we found out you were an Alpha. Salty: Father, Humphrey. Shakey: You scored big. Having a pup with an Alpha will show how strong you are. Humphrey: I don’t care about that. I just can’t wait till we have the pups. Garth: Congratulations, Humphrey, and good luck. It will be your job to look and care for the pups. Kate has a job to do. Humphrey: I will handle just fine. Lilly: I know you will. Ryan: Now there are two big events. Jen: Any more unexpected surprises? Ryan: I hope not. Jen: Urgh. When will my pack arrive? I want to start. Ryan: Have patience. They will arrive soon. Jen: I am really excited for Alaska. I think it will turn out well. I know you might think this is crazy but I want to move to Russia. Ryan: What? Jen: The Russian wilderness has the biggest pack of wolves. I think we would do better there than Alaska. Ryan: Let’s at least stay in Alaska for a year. Jen: We will. But promise me we will go to Russia. Ryan: Yes. Fine, we will go. Jen: Thank you. This means more to me than you can imagine. Hey, my pack is here. Eirik: Jen! It’s good to see you. Jen: You too, father. Ryan this is my father, Eirik. Dad, this is Ryan. Ryan: Very pleased to meet you, sir. Eirik: Be good with my daughter. Jen: It’s okay, dad. I’m not a kid any more. We will do just fine. Eirik: What are we waiting for? Let’s get this wedding started. Jen: Everyone, listen up! We will be starting the wedding. Cut the conversations, get into rows and that’s pretty much it. Ryan: Let’s get this started! Jen: Well, everyone is ready. You start, Ryan. Ryan: All right.

Episode 3- Chapter 2: A wedding in light