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Ian is a male wolf pup created by/owned by RockytheEco-pup. He is the little brother to Connor
Ian real life

What Ian would look like if he was in the real world


Coming Soon


Ian is a light-gray colored wolf pup. Everywhere but his muzzle and paws is gray fur, the rest is white fur. He has light blue eyes.


Ian is a fun-loving pup who likes to make friends and always tries to prove that he is tough which doesn't impress his boyfriend. He likes him for his sillyness.


  • Alpha and Omega: A New Day Chapter 4


  • He is Connor's little brother.
  • He is dating a male pup named Darius.
  • He is an Omega.
  • He tries to impress the Alphas by acting tough which doesn't work on Darius.

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