Jake is a male OC created by/owned by SmokythePolicePup.


Coming Soon


Jake is a lazy wolf usually, but when his best friend Connor is around, it gives him the motivation to do stuff. He is smart but likes to daydream which has gotten him in a lot of trouble.


Jake is a white furred wolf like his mom Lily and has brown socks. He has deep blue eyes and a combed back hairstyle like his father




  • He is the only wolf that Garth and Lily had
  • His best friend/crush is Connor.
  • He daydreams a lot


  • Garth- Father
  • Lilly- Mother
  • Humphery- Uncle
  • Kate- Aunt
  • Stinky- Cousin
  • Claudette- Cousin
  • Runt- Cousin
  • Winston- Grandfather

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