Kipto is an WOlf oc that is owned by Eva1234dog .  

Kipto .

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Kipto is Humphrey's older bro . He like to make fun of Humphrey for falling iin love with an alpha , but he has feels , he love to be the uncle of the  three little pups of Humphrey's

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He is very fun loving , he loves to hunt and eat deer , rabbits and mostly and mostly anything with meat .he's a crush on a girl wolf named Kelly and pups named Add aliitle more love : sasha , leandro , david and avery .He haves a western accent .

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Kipto has a white little patch on his chest and a few on his legs , he's has a White sock on his left back leg and White tips ears and tail , and one eye is brown and one eye is orange .

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He's my first wolf oc . 

He was born September 19 2016 .