Kira is a white wolf with light blue eyes that sparkle bright when the moon light hits them. She is tall, mysterious, she doesn't talk alot until she met Xyfen. She lives alone and doesn't have any family, she just rely's on her self and nobody else.


She was a young pup when her parents died, she was an only child so there were no sibling to be with, she was all alone, with no pack, no friends, she was just a lonely wolf pup out in the cold. As she grew up she learn how to protect herself and how to survive all alone. She soon after found a good place to stay, and she made a home and has lived there ever since. But when she met the strangest wolf she had ever seen she get stuck with him since he was curious at how she survived on her own. After a few days of Xyfen following her around she told him hes welcome to go inside her nice and warm home so he wont freeze to death. After a few month with him, as they went on a crazy adventure, she started to develop feeling for the strange, weird and crazy yet funny and smart wolf.


She is a kinda, smart, gentle and quite wolf. But she can also be aggressive, protective, creative and a resourceful wolf. Shes an artist she uses anything she can find to make art like: drawings, sculpture, designs, etc... And she has been alone for so long can she manage to further develop her senses and now she can hear, see, and smell almost anything or anyone.


She is as white as the snow and has eyes as blue as shiny bright sapphire's. She is tall, fast and strong.


  • Shes quite.
  • Only depends on herself.
  • Develops feelings for Xyfen.
  • She has no family or friend.

Story's she appears in