Mitsy is very kind and sweet, but can get angered easily. She is one of the greatest Alpha's that the pack has had since Kate. She is very caring about her many little siblings and loves playing with them. She is very easy to talk to, and likes to hang out with both Omegas and Alphas like herself. She has a maternal nature to all baby animals. She is very good around pups and has lots of patience for them. She is a extremely good hunter, and has never failed to bring back kill.


She is a black colored female with a sooty grey 'Mask' on her face and muzzle. Her paws and chest have the same kind of sooty color. Her eyes are bright green.


  • She has a crush on Stinky.
  • She has a twin sister named Melody who has a crush on Runt.
  • She has thirteen little brothers and sisters; Hickory, Killion, Lope, Lupus, Bear, Forest, Berry, Willow, Daphne, Terra, Lilo, Rory, and Gelato.


Beavers. They give her the creeps.


Hutch: father

Mango: mother

Melody: twin sister

Hickory: Sister

Killion: brother

Lope: brother

Lupus: brother

Bear: brother

Forest: Sister

Berry: sister

Willow: sister

Daphne: sister

Terra: Brother

Lilo: sister

Rory: brother

Gelato: brother

Stinky: mate

Runt: brother-in-law

Clawdette: sister-in-law

Kelly: sister-in-law

Floyd: brother-in-law

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