He is a big Omega wolf of the Western pack, he is also in humphrey's gang of peace-keeping Omegas.

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Good for pack, good for belly!




Canis Lupus(Wolf)




Jasper Park, Canada








Pup Life

When the gang were still small pups, they were quite mischevious. And they tried their first Log-board. At first, they got on the log board, it wouldn't move. The log then started speeding down, careening uncontrolably down the hillside. They got tossed out of the log uncerimoniously when it hit a small bump on the way, ending up with Humphrey as the only one in the log, left to fend for himself. Not long later He made it to the bottom, meeting Kate along the way, they surprised Humphrey with an unexpected Wolf-pile.

All Grown Up

A winter has passed and the gang has mastered Log boarding. Mooch is the one who 'lowers the boom' and send the log free-gliding in the air. But after that, they came to a crash with a giant boulder and sent them all flying with Mooch being last and landing on top of the rest. They later notice theyère in a valley with the first blossoms of Spring, a good sign. And they also discovered whoès back from Alpha School; Kate!

Omegas! Let's roll!

Humphrey was staring at her and they know that something's up with him and her, so they remind him the law of the pack and that she's an Alpha. They then watched her and her hunting party go for dinner. But Mooch then finds Eastern Wolves on the other side of the valley and alert the others.

When the hunt was about to begin, the Eastern wolves chased the caribou off, ruining the hunt. Mooch was quite disappointed about it cause he's the food hog of the group. The chase eventually led to a stampede and everyone had to run away except for the Omegas who were watching on the top of the cliff.

After the Stampede, the two hunting parties began a little fight and so the Omegas came to the rescue! Humphrey tells his friends to 'Lower the boom!' which means this time, they'll toss Mooch into the air and he'll land on the fighting wolves, breaking up the fight.

Later, near the den of the Western leaders', the gang tried to entertain a group of mid-ranking wolves with jokes.

Moonlight Howl

They were playing monkey-in-the-middle with the berries they found earlier, with Mooch as the monkey in the middle. Then Humphrey came to tell them to get ready for the Moonlight howl, but they ignored him, then he mentioned 'girls' and that caught their attention. They dashed straight into a puddle and began cleaning themselves and then asked Humphrey how did they look. Humphrey said they looked great and told them to wait as he 'line the girls up' for them.

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Mooch at the Moonlight Howl

Later, they were hiding in the bushes, waiting for Omega girls to come. When Sweets and Candy came up the Howling Rock, Shakey alerted them 'Omegas alert!', and they all jumped out to greet them. But Shakey and Mooch failed to get them and Salty failed harder with his only single pick-up line; 'Hey'.

Humphrey then came up and tried to cheer them up. Salty taunted Humphrey that if he's so good at getting a girl, why don't he try it? And Humphrey accepted the challenge, saying 'the next girl to come up that hill, she's mine!' Unexpectedly, Kate appears over the hill with her sister, but Kate had all the attention. Knowing that Humphrey may go for it, Salty, Shakey and Mooch stopped him and reminded him about her rank and the law of the pack.

Knowing that their words made Humphrey's mood a bit bad, they Wolf-piled him and end up throwing him into a tree.

The Full Moon

Mooch was there with Shakey and Salty sitting on their pack's side, watching the conflict. When tensions were tensing up, the two vegetarian Omegas, Reba and Janice, dashes out and tells everyone to 'stop the insanity' and 'go organic'. Shakey had no trouble to agree with them, but Mooch and Salty and the REST of the pack glares him down.

Mooch was munching on Shakey's necklace of flowers when Kate and Humphrey returned from their adventure. Salty smacking him to knock him out of eating the flowers, Shakey then points at the two returning wolves. After Kate have announced that she'll marry Garth and unite the packs, the group did a Wolf-Pile and cheers Humphrey for bringing her back.

The Marriage and Fight

The three Omegas watched as Kate and Garth began the mating ritual with Shakey explaining to them what's going on. But at the last part, Kate hesitates and admits her love to an Omega, cause the two packs to fight. They were trapped in the middle of the fight.


Mooch was seen with Salty howling the background for Tony. They attract quite a number of attention as it shows
Salty Tony and Mooch

Tony, Salty and Mooch at the Finale

a few pups and adult wolves enjoying the show!


He's the average 'fat' wolf in the group. Always thinking with his stomach more than his head. He can also be quite wise at times. His points are nearly a contrast to his belly-thinking. And of course he's just as fun-loving as any other Omegas.


  • "That's right! Just friends!"
  • "Girls?"
  • "Good for pack, good for belly!"

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