Three porcupines, who only appear in one scene in Alpha and Omega. They are the spectators for Marcel during a golf game, and at one point, one of them notes that Marcel is using the wrong club for the shot, until Marcel's caddy, Paddy shuts him up. Marcel takes his next shot, and the "ball" (really a rock) is sent flying all over the place, hitting various objects, and even damaging the porcupines's spikes, before almost falling down the hole. When Kate and Humphrey arrive to ask the two birds for directions, all three porcupines run, apparrently scared of wolves, and are not seen again.


  • Paddy refers to one porcupine as "Needles", but that may not necesarily be his name
  • One porcupine is on the DVD cover, on the log board that Kate and Humphrey are riding on water, despite the fact that none of the porcupine ever went log boarding in the movie (also, no one ever log boards on water.)