Rose is a female Alpha And Omega OC created by Clare Gundersen. She is a female wolf pup and the only daughter of Garth and Lilly. She is around the human age of 10-11 years old, although she sometimes acts younger than her age.


Rose bears a very strong resemblance to her mother Lilly. She has her mother's white fur, straight white hair, and skinny build, but also has her father's hair long hair (Albeit White) and turquoise eyes. She wears her bangs back, but pulls them over one eye when shy, creating a bang style similar to her mother's. She is usually described as walking delicately with a shy disposition, similar to Lilly at the beginning of the first film.


Rose is described as shy and sweet in disposition, but cowardly and paranoid as well. She is afraid of everything to an extent that it is almost annoying. Her fear and paranoia is from an unknown source, and despite attempts to help her overcome her fears, they have continued into her preteens. She is described as being rather clumsy like her mother and unable to hunt, although this is unimportant due to her Omega status.


  • She has an older brother named Jake, an OC created by SmokyThePolicePup.
  • She is afraid of almost everything, but has a particular fear of heights.