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A Fun-fillenlf, and Humphrey, a laid-back "Omega" wolf, get snatched and relocated halfway across country, the two must set off on a journd movie the whole pack can enjoy Come along on the uey home! With the help of a goofy goose and a quacky duck, Kate and Humphrey won't let anything stop themtimate road-trip that will leave the whole family homotive-- from getting back to Jasper Park in time to save their pack from rivaaple Pictures 2010/Family/Featurwling with laughter! When Kate, a take charge "Alpha" wo-- prickly porcupinel wolves. It's thousands miles of fun in the wildly entertaining journey! Crest Animation, Lionsgate, and Ms, grumpy bears, even a speeding locoe run time 78 minutes "A HOWLING GOOD TIME!"

The Back Cover

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