The Clan

December 29 2010 By FunlovingOmega(Archangel Garth: The newly appointed Keeper Lilly: Garth’s wife. Master spirit healer and amateur mage Hutch: Professional hunter with mind- blowing skills- Main character Winston: Professional mage. Kate and Lilly’s father Eve: Winton’s wife and mother of two Kate: Avid hunter with quick reflexes Candu: Expert hunter who has a fearless mind Minotaur: Anti- professional warrior and is 100% muscle Casey: Minotaur’s wife. Courageous and serious Reba: Peacekeeper with no sense of negativity Genley: Caring and loving teen. Reba’s best friend Darrel: He and Chelsea are the most intimate couple Chelsea: Both expert warriors. Love’s love Tony: Garth’s father. Keeper of the eastern clan Sweets: Tony’s second Greagor: Knight- Commander of the Circle of Magi Uldred: Powerful malificar

Minotaur: This world is ruled by darkness, a darkness no one can defeat… (Brecillian Forest) Garth: Father! It’s over. We won. Tony: I’ve been struck badly. Go. Go marry, Lilly. I will now allow it. You are now the leader of our clan. Garth: You can’t do this. Lilly is a spirit healer. She can heal you. Tony: No. My wounds are too great. Bye… Son. Lilly: I’m sorry, Garth. He was a good man. Garth: He was a great warrior. He was only doing what he thought was best. Winston: The war is over. The authorities will think twice before attacking again. (Marriage Ceremony) Kate: So, Lilly. How is it like being married to Garth? Lilly: Strange, cause originally, you were supposed to marry him to unite the clans. Kate: Having Tony’s clan around all the time is gonna take a while to get used to. Winston: Congratulations, Lilly. You and Garth are now the keepers of our clan. Hutch: So, Kate. I suppose you’re gonna get back to your hunting now that you’re not gonna be the keeper. Kate: Yes, I will still be in your hunting party. Hutch: Good. Candu will be pleased. Winston: Hutch! Come speak to me and Eve tonight at our aravell. We have important matters to discuss with you. Lilly: Garth, you’re wearing your father’s armour and you have his sword. Garth: I don’t want to ever forget him. Sweets: I won’t forget him either. Garth: Sweets! You survived the battle. Sweets: It takes more than just a few soldiers to take me down. Lilly: What’s that? Is that black fog? Winston: Everyone, get your weapons out! This is the dark presence! Eve: Lilly, stay back with Reba and Genley. Keep them safe. Garth: Hutch, you and Candu will take Darrel and Chelsea to the west side of the camp and attack from there. Kate, you, me and Winston will take a few others and charge up front giving Eve, Ben and Missi a back advantage. Hutch: Let’s hope this works. (Aravell) Lilly: Do you two know how to fight? Reba: No. Genley: We haven’t carried a sword our whole life. Lilly: Do you want to learn? Reba: You’re a mage. How can you teach us how to fight? Lilly: Before I knew I was a mage, I used to go out with Kate sometimes and Garth taught me how to use a bow before we got married. Genley: I guess we can learn a little bit. Lilly: I can’t teach you because I don’t much about it but Hutch might be able to. I will ask him after the battle. Take these swords. Your gonna have to defend yourselves tonight. (West Side) Candu: It’s working. The darkness is distracted. Hutch: All right. Let’s go! Winston: Everyone, out of the way! I’m gonna cast an inferno spell. (Morning) Kate: The fog is fading. It’s over. Eve: What was the cause of the attack? Winston: The dark presence attacks anything. Stay cautious, everyone. This might not be the only time we see them. Darrel: If this attack is gonna happen again, we will need to be prepared. Kate: Even if we are prepared, we won’t have the numbers to face them. Hutch: I have a proposal. I will go to the circle tower and ask for the assistance of the mages. Lilly: Will the Templars allow it? Hutch: Mages know the dark presence best. Garth: Do you want any assistance? Hutch: I’ll be all right. Winston: Come here, Hutch. On your way there, go to the Arlathan Forest. There are two warriors there that just came in from Orlais. Hutch: Do you know their names? Winston: Minotaur and Casey. I’m not gonna give you full details now. Go find them and then go to the circle tower. With their help, we will surely defeat the dark presence. Hutch: I will find them. Eve: Don’t take too long. Kate: I hope the circle will help us. Chelsea: Hey, Darrel. Want to go to the mountain? Darrel: Lead the way. Eve: Kate. Why don’t you get yourself a boyfriend? Look at them; they love each other to death. Every night for them is romantic. Kate: There’s no one here that I would want to date. Eve: Look at Candu. Strong and kind and you two spend a lot of time together when you go hunting. Kate: Candu’s not into romance. Were friends and that’s all we’ll be. Eve: There’s always… Shakey. Kate: What?! No way! Besides, doesn’t he like Reba? Eve: He’s a nice guy. He would fall for you. Kate: Nah. Reba can have him. Eve: Hutch! He’s perfect. Kate: Well… Eve: He’s strong, he has a good sense of humour and he’s the greatest warrior of our clan. Kate: Hutch is not a warrior. He’s only a hunter and he’s not the best. Eve: Oh, yes he is. His skills are professional. Kate: Still. That doesn’t mean I would date him. (Aravell) Garth: Do you know any attack spells? Lilly: A few, but I’m just a healer. Garth: You’re gonna need those kinds of spells if we face the darkness again. Lilly: My father’s the real mage. He can help you fight while I deal with the injured. Winston: Here, Lilly. Take this book. It’s a book of spells. Practise on the basics and try to get a hang of attack spells. (Outside) Kate: Well, I guess it’s just you and me, Candu. Candu: Hopefully this hunt is better than the last. Kate: It will be. Sweets: Mind if I join you? Candu: You! You were the one that was giving us trouble during our hunts. Sweets: We’re one clan now. We don’t have to fight. Kate: Are you ready? Candu: Yes. Let’s go. (Arlathan forest) Hutch: Finally! There they are. Hey, you two! It’s okay. I don’t mean any harm. Minotaur: How can you harm us? Hutch: Wow! You’re not quite how I expected you. Casey: So you’ve heard of us? Hutch: Yes. You match… the description. Why do you have the body of a Minotaur? And why do you have the skin of a snake? Casey: We are not humans. Hutch: You’ve got a lot of muscle. Minotaur: Quite what you need to win the battle. Hutch: I need your help… Minotaur: We’ve got our own problems to deal with. Casey: Hold on. Let’s hear what he has to say. Minotaur: Make it quick. Hutch: My clan has been under attack by the dark presence. We were able to drive them back but many perished. I was sent to find you and gain your assistance. Minotaur: The dark presence you say. We have been chasing them for a lifetime. Casey: The dark presence took over the country of Aurora and destroyed it. It’s now targeting Ferelden. That’s why we came here. Minotaur: Our meaning is to defeat the dark presence. If you know where they are, we will follow you. Hutch: We can’t go back just yet. Before we go back we need to go to the circle tower and gain the assistance of the mages. Magic can do a lot of damage to the darkness, especially light. Mages also know much information about the dark presence. We can find out their weaknesses and use it to slay them. Casey: I think that’s a good idea. Minotaur: Very well. We will go to circle tower. (Brecillian Forest) Sweets: Stop! This one is mine. Kate: Good one, Sweets. You’re a pretty good hunter. Sweets: Thanks. Tony taught me himself. Candu: I guess this will be enough for everybody. Kate: Let’s head back to camp. (Camp) Winston: Have you learnt any spells yet? Lilly: Two. One is called winter’s grasp and the other is an arcane bolt. Winston: Those spells should be useful. Lilly: I’ll try them out later. (Forest) Demon: Shh. Garth: Hello. Is anyone there? Demon: Come here. Garth: Where are you? Who are you? Demon: Shh. Come. Garth: Oh my god! Demon: Don’t be alarmed. Just lie down and rest. Garth: I`m so tired. Stay… away from me. Demon: You deserve more. You deserve a rest. The world will go on without you. (The Fade) Garth: Where am I?

Tony: You`re in the fade son. Garth: Father. Aren’t you… Tony: Dead? Yes. When you die, your spirit enters the fade. The demon that rules here feeds off your soul until your no more. There`s so little of me left. Garth: So I`m dead? Tony: No. The demon intercepted you and put you into a sleep. You are dreaming though everything that is happening is true. You have to defeat the demon to get back. Garth: What will happen to you? Tony: I will be sent to the maker. That isn`t such a terrible thing. We should hurry up. You don`t have much time till you end up the same. (An illusion) Lilly: Oh, there you are, Garth. Garth: Hi, Lilly. Tony: Garth! This is an illusion. A demon is using Lilly’s body to influence your mind. Don’t believe it. Garth: Does that mean we have to kill her? Tony: Yes. Garth: Will this do anything to her in the real world? Tony: No. She is completely safe. Lilly: You wouldn’t kill your own wife? Garth: No. I wouldn’t. But you’re not my wife. You’re a demon using her body. Tony: Let’s just get this done. Garth: All right. Let’s do this. Demon: You will learn to bow to your betters. (Camp) Lilly: It’s getting dark. Candu: There it is. Winston: Ready your weapons! Dark Spirit: Attack! Reba: Come on, Genley. We need to get back to the aravell. Genley: I feel guilty not helping. Reba: You don’t have any training. It’s suicide! Just come! Genley: All right, I guess. Kate: Where’s Garth? He’s supposed to be helping! Eve: More of them are coming! Sweets: Anyone who has a bow, fire it now! Kate: Good idea, Sweets. Do what she says! Darrel: Hold… Fire! Chelsea: Hunters, follow my lead. Candu: We need to charge now! Chelsea: Now! Go! Go! Winston: Lilly, use winter’s grasp on that one there. Lilly: Okay. (Circle of Magi) Hutch: Were here. Let me do the talking. Greagor: You three! You shouldn’t be here! Especially those who are not human. Minotaur: We’re not leaving! Greagor: Men… Hutch: We’re not here to cause trouble. Don’t mind, Minotaur. He can get serious at times. Casey: Wasting time. Were here to ask for your help. Greagor: We are in no position to help, whatever the situation. Minotaur: The dark presence is in Ferelden. We need the circle of magi`s assistance to defeat them. Greagor: Tell me who you are first. Casey: I am Casey. This is my husband, Minotaur. We are anti- professional warriors from Albion. Minotaur: The country of Aurora is no more. The dark presence destroyed it and all its people. Hutch: My people are now being attacked by them. We desperately need your help. Magic can do great damage to the fog where they spawn from anonymously. Greagor: Like I said: We are in no position to help you. Blood mages have taken over the tower. So many are dead. Mages and my Templars. Uldred is the cause of it. He knows every blood spell out there. He is merciless. Hutch: We will clear the tower if you agree to aid us. Greagor: I will not turn away help. Fine, I will aid you, if you help us. Only kill the blood mages, not mages or Templars, just the blood mages. Understood? Hutch: Yes. Greagor: Good luck. (Inner Sanctum) Tony: There’s the demon keeping you here. Don’t engage it unless you’re ready. Garth: I am. Let’s get it done. Demon: You’re not supposed to be here. Go back to where you belong. Garth: I was hoping you would do that. Demon: If you go back quietly, I’ll do better this time. I’ll make you much happier. Garth: I’ll make my own happiness. Tony: Enough conversation! I’m gonna cut you down! Demon: You wish to battle me? So be it. (Camp) Kate: The fog is fading. Eve: It’s over. Lilly: Garth’s still not here. Kate: Do you want me to send out a search party? Chelsea: Garth is over here. Lilly: What happened to him? Darrel: He seems to be sleeping. Candu: When he was sleeping, half of our men died! Sweets: What are you waiting for? Wake him up. Lilly: Garth, honey. Get up! Why isn’t he getting up? (Inner Sanctum) Demon: I… I… ah… Garth: You did pretty well. Tony: Time for you to go back now. Garth: Are you going to the maker? Tony: I think I might stay here. I’ll be the new ruler of this realm. Garth: Well, bye, father. Maybe I’ll come back to see you. Tony: Try your hardest not too. (Camp) Garth: Lilly? Lilly: Why were you sleeping? You could have helped us during the battle! Garth: I wasn’t sleeping. A demon swept me into the fade. Sweets: I bear bad news, Garth. Garth: Tell me. Sweets: We lost nearly half the clan. Garth: Hutch is still not here? Winston: I’m thinking he’ll be here today. (Circle of Magi) Mage: Thank you for saving us. The Templars weren’t so lucky. Uldred is through that door and up the stairs. There are more mages up there. Uldred is probably trying to convince them to turn into abominations. Hutch: Uldred is capable of that? Mage: Indeed. He sent a few abominations down here but we killed them before you came. Hutch: Will you help us take down Uldred? Because I imagine he is not the only one up there. Mage: We won’t be much help to you. We are drained of all our mana. We will have to regain our strength. Minotaur: We won’t need them. Look what we already accomplished. Casey: Still, having allies isn’t too bad. Mage: The others up there will help you… if there not already dead. We will be down here. Casey: Let’s go. We don’t have much time. (Top floor) Uldred: More guests. Hutch: This ends now! Uldred: Not just guests, but loud guests. Hutch: Do you understand what you are doing? Uldred: Bringing these mages to their full potential. Why do you call us abominations? This is how you treat us when we’ve reached our full power. Hutch: There is nothing glorious about this! Do you realize how much mages you have killed? Uldred: They deserved their fate, and so did the Templars. Why are you here in the first place? Hutch: We came seeking assistance of the mages. Uldred: We are much more powerful than just ordinary mages; we will join with whatever help you seek if you join us in taking down the Templars. Hutch: The knight- commander said he would aid us if we killed you. Uldred: Trust me; it would be much easier and less painful if you accept my offer. Minotaur: He makes sense. Casey: True, but this wouldn’t be a wise way to go. This could catch up with us in the future. Hutch: I would never make deals with someone such as evil as you are! Uldred: Fight if you must. It will only make my victory all the sweeter. Mage: We will help you to. Mages… now! Uldred: No! Minotaur: Looks like you’re the last one. I will finish this. Hutch: Wait! I have a better idea. Let’s make him tranquil. Mage: I will go get the Templars. (Later) Greagor: Good job. You three have honestly done the world a great service. I will keep my promise. The Templars and the mages will aid you against the dark presence. Hutch: Thank you, knight- commander. Greagor: Uldred is still alive. I’m guessing you have plans for him? Hutch: Yes. It is my opinion that we make him tranquil. Greagor: He has to pay for his crime. Death is the only thing he deserves. Hutch: Some people say tranquility is worse than death. Greagor: Fine. Men, take him to the basement. I will be there soon. Hutch: Forgive me, but I must take my leave. Greagor: Take all the Templars on the first floor and all the mages in the building. I can’t image there are much left but at least there are some. Hutch: Thank you. (Camp) Garth: Where is he? He needs to be here before the attack tonight. Winston: I’m sure he’s on his way. Kate: This is getting out of hand. We can’t keep fighting; we keep losing more people every night. What we need to do is relocate. Candu: Our clan has been carried out here for centuries. We can’t relocate. Lilly: There’s got to be something we can do to stop them from attacking. Is it possible we can talk to them? Garth: A talking shadow? That’s gotta be delirious. Lilly: It’s worth a shot. Genley: Lilly! We have been practising. We bought our very own blades from master Varathorn. Lilly: Be careful. Wait till Hutch comes back and this is all dealt with so you two can be put in training. Reba: Come on, Genley. Let’s go practise some more. Chelsea: Why do Reba and Genley have swords? I thought they didn’t know how to fight. Lilly: They don’t. I’m gonna get Hutch to train them when this is all over. (On the road) Hutch: That’s the Brecillian Forest right there. I want to know, how did you two become what you are? Casey: What do you mean? Hutch: Why do you look like that? I’ve seen snakes before and I didn’t even know that Minotaur’s exist. Minotaur: I don’t know why I was born like this. I don’t have a family. My existence is a mystery. War is my meaning. I have never lost. Casey: I have always fought beside Minotaur in battle. I have never known a time when we weren`t in war. Hutch: I`m sorry to hear that. Before that, my clan was being constantly attacked by authorities from Denerim. They call us illegal. The last time they attacked was about last week. We have been under attack so much. So many are dead. We were also having trouble with the eastern clan. We kept on fighting during hunts. It was awful. Kate and Lilly were the first to kill some of their members. If it weren`t for Winston, Kate would be dead to. Before our final attack by the authorities, Tony commanded his clan to take the valley because, originally, Kate was supposed to marry Garth. Kate didn`t have much feelings for him but Lilly did. After Tony had found this out, he was furious. That`s when the fight started. Not long during the fight we were intercepted by the authorities, so we worked together to drive them out but Tony fell. He was still alive after the battle but he was beyond healing magic. He died that day. Lilly and Garth got married and that day is when we were attacked by the dark presence. After the battle, I said I would go to the circle tower and gain assistance of the mages. Winston, told me to find you. I have no idea why he knew you were in Ferelden. And now were here. Casey: So your clan is constantly under attack. Hutch: Yep. Minotaur: I can see your going through a tough time. This will end tonight! Hutch: I highly doubt that but anything is possible. Anyway, were almost there. (Camp) Kate: It`s late afternoon. Not long until dark. Eve: Please. Hurry up, Hutch. Lilly: Remember. Start with negotiation. Garth: I sure hope this plan works, Lilly, for the clan’s sake. Reba: Lilly! We would like to join the battle tonight. Genley: We feel guilty for not helping before. Lilly: I’m glad you want to help but this is for your own safety. Stay in the aravell. Once you have training and convince me that you are good enough, and then I will let you fight. Garth: Them two fighting? That’s a switch. Hutch: Winston! Winston: There back! Hutch: What are you doing? Put your weapons away! They are with me. Garth: Where are the mages? Hutch: They are a few miles behind me. Winston: When you were gone, we suffered great losses. Hutch: So they kept on attacking? Winston: Yes. If you haven’t arrived tonight, this probably would have been the end of us. Hutch: Isn’t Lilly a spirit healer? Why can’t she just heal the wounded in battle, or revive those who have fallen? Lilly: I have been practising on my revival spell. Pretty soon, I will be able to fully revive a person. Minotaur: We will do whatever it takes to win the battle! Kate: It’s the dark presence! Oh no! They’ve brought their leader! Sweets: That things gotta be a hundred feet tall. Garth: I don’t think your negotiation plan is gonna work. Lilly: I know now. Attack! Minotaur: Everyone, take down the shadows! Leave the leader to us. Casey: Are you sure we can take this thing down? Hutch: We have to strike at the legs. Minotaur, I’m pretty sure you can do a lot of damage to it. Mage: Mages, attack! Templar: Templars, attack! Hutch: Avoid her sword! Casey, look out! Casey: How do you know it’s a girl? Hutch: It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? Sweets: Ah! Chelsea, go get Lilly. I’ve just got arrowed in the leg. Chelsea: Right away! (Aravell) Candu: Are you two okay? Genley: Yes, though were getting nervous. Candu: Lilly, told me to stay here and protect you (Outside) Chelsea: I’ve brought Lilly. Lilly: What’s the problem? Sweets: I’ve got struck by an arrow in the leg. Lilly: This will only take me a few minutes. Chelsea, you and Darrel protect us. Winston: Everyone out of the way! I’m gonna cast an inferno spell! Kate: The fog is incinerating! We won! Eve: No we didn’t. Them three are still fighting the leader on the other side of the fire. Hutch: Ah! My arm! Casey: You’re injured. You should leave. Hutch: I’m not gonna let a cut stop me! You two, clear! I’ve got a plan. I need an accurate shot with my sword. Minotaur: You’re gonna throw your sword at it? Hutch: Right in the face! Watch out! This things about to become tumbling down. Yeah! Right in the eye! Kate: Hutch! Get out of the way! Minotaur: We did it. Our task is finally finished. The darkness is defeated. Enchanter: You guys don’t look like any other people. And these look like aravells. I have to ask: Are you one of the illegal clans? Garth: That’s what they call us. Enchanter: I hope you know that they are planning to attack you again. Templar: Don’t worry about. There’s going to be a landsmeet about this. We will speak against the authorities. You have the circle tower’s promise. Enchanter: A noble named Ser Tamra is the leader of this speak. She is protesting against the attacks. Lilly: Thank you for helping us. Templar: Now we are off to the landsmeet. Farewell. (Celebration) Garth: Before we end this celebration, I would like to thank Hutch for saving the clan. If it wasn’t for him, surely would all have perished. I grant him the reward of being the hero of our clan. Congratulations, Hutch. You are a true hero. Hutch: What will you do? Minotaur: I don’t know. The enemy you defeated last night was the only reason we are alive. Our only purpose is to fight. Now we are no longer needed. Hutch: Join our clan. I could always use another friend. Minotaur: No one ever considered me their friend before. Casey: We would be more than happy to join your clan. Hutch: Great! The clan will be pleased. Now, I was told I had to train Reba and Genley. I should go now. Garth: What do we expect now? Lilly: Come with me and I’ll show you. Winston: I could not be happier with how the clan turned out. If Tony was here, he would probably like it too. Eve: Don’t worry about Tony. He’s in a better place. Candu: Now, we could finally have a real hunt. Kate: Let’s do this. Sweets: Follow my lead. Minotaur(Narration): With the dark presence gone, the world didn’t have to worry about ending. Every dark shadow quickly crumbled. Peace has been restored to the world and even Ferelden… for now. (Dawn Of A New Day By In Flames)

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Finished January 4 2011

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