"I know your Kate's friend, Humphrey. But by next spring, she will be a trained Alpha... The future leader of the pack. No doubt, you'll be a clever Omega. Learn to keep the peace."

  1. Do you like to play with your friends?
  2. A caribou is attacking, do you run or chase it?
  3. You are the fastest runner in the pack?
  4. You sometimes eat berries?
  5. Can Alphas and Omega howl together?
  6. You love Wolf school?
  7. You love to hunt and lead?
  8. You break up fights in the pack?
  9. You want to be top wolf?
  10. You are in charge of teaching younger wolves?

These are yes and no questions. Answer down in the comments.

Alphas are leaders, tough, strong, fast, smart, teachers, biggest, and hunters.

Omegas are fun-loving, playful, clever, friendly, peaceful, freedom-loving, protectors, and prepared.


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