Hey all my wolf friends! I wanted to know everyones rankings! So, are u an Alpha, Omega, Beta, or Gamma?! Here is some info about all of them:


Alphas are highly trained wolves. They are the hunters of the pack. They are always on the alert and are great fighters. If an alpha pup is born, from the leader, they someday will be the future leaders of the pack. When an alpha pup is born, they are omegas until they go to alpha school. After alpha school, they are highly trained alphas and have no time for fun. So if you are an alpha, you are strict, always on task, and are great leaders and hunters.


Betas are the wolves between alphas and omegas. Betas are basically alpha and omega mixed together. They are always on task and also love to sit back and play. So if you are a beta, you love playing, and hunting.


Gammas are alphas and omegas mixed but closer to the omega side. They hunt some times, but mostly love hanging out with their friends, and playing around. So if you are a gamma, you are like to hunt but really like playing.


Omegas are sit-back-relaxed wolves. They love hanging out with their friends, and LOVE playing. They mostly NEVER hunt. So if you are an omega you are relaxed and playful.

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