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Hey guys! Check out my profile! I writing a new story! I finished the other one. The one about Alpha School, so check out my new one! I'm not finished yet, but it's really good so far!

Alpha and Omega 2 Synopsis

I've already seen the movie and it was really good! (Duh. I was in it) The synopsis for Alpha and Omega 2 is about me and Humphrey and our three pups; Stinky, an Alpha, the future leader of the pack, Claudette, and Runt, the runt of the litter. Right before Christmas, Runt disappears and Kate and Humphrey go on a wild adventure to save Runt!


I'm so happy! I was voted best Kate on Instagram 6 times! Yay! Follow me on Instagram @official_kate_alpha_wolf Follow my mate, Humphrey, on Instagram @official_humphrey_omega Follow my pup, Stinky, on Instagram @stinky_official Follow my pup, Claudette, on Instagram @claudette_official Follow my pup, Runt, on Instagram @runt_official

Thanks! Talk to you guys later! ~уσυя αℓρнα, кαтє

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