HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALPHA AND OMEGA (and me)! Yeah that's right, it's my birthday too! This day is the best! All of my friends went home early today and I was wondering why. And then my Aunt was "Late" to pick me and Lilly up from the Book Fair! When we finally got home everything was decorated Alpha and Omega, and I was like, "OMGG!!!!!!" And all of my friend jumped up from behind the couch and yelled, "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!" My cake was huge! It had the Alpha and Omega logo on it! I was so happy! This, by far, is the best birthday ever!! And now I'm typing this while all of my friends are looking over my shoulders and saying, "Woah. I wanna sign up!" I'm sooooooooo happy!!!!! After this we're gonna play party games!!!!!! (Maybe even Alpha and Omega) I'm so glad Alpha and Omega came out on my birthday! My friends are gonna sleep over and while we're falling asleep, we're gonna watch Alpha and Omega!!! I'm so happy!!!! Happy Birthday/Anniversary Alpha and Omega (and me!) The only thing that would make this better, is If my parents were here. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! (Olivia wants you to know that she is here)


The look on my face when I walked in! XD

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