Hey guys! It's me Kate!! First of all I wanted to say welcome to all of our new users! Second of all, this wiki has been down, and gloomy, for the pass few months, so I say we take it up a notch! I've been trying to throw contests into this wiki but they haven't been very successful. The only wolf who decided to do the competitions were me. So this is where we kick it up a notch! Instead of doing silly contests I say we do multiple things every day of every week! Each day will have it's on theme! This is what the schedule would look like:

Mon: Roleplay (On chat)

Tue: Hunt Day

Wed: Picture Day

Thurs: Caribou Day

Fri: Moonlight Howl

What do you think? Ask me anything about this schedule on my talk page! Thanks!

~The One True Kate~ActualAlphaKate The Real Kate 23:30, October 8, 2012 (UTC)

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