Hey all my wolf friends! I just wanted to tell you about this contest I am holding!(Approved by our founder Wolfy) It is a contest where you take a video of Alpha and Omega 2 and what you think it would be like! I would like to hold this contest because I want to find out what you think the Alpha and Omega 2 movie will be like. I want to see all different perspectives! Here are some ground rules:

No bad language

You are not allowed to be in the video, you can only use props or toys

Do not be inappropriate

It can only be about Alpha and Omega 2

You can not be a sore loser if your video is not pick by the judges

Do not brag if you are the winning video

Not everyone has to compete

Have fun with making your videos

Here are the judges sign up. There can only be two more judges so don't complain if the judge spots are filled. Oh, and please don't add judge spots 3 are enough! Here are the judge sign ups:

Judge 1: Wolfy

Judge 2: FunlovingOmega(Archangel)

Judge 3: (Sign up here)

Sign here if you want to be a contestant. Directions: Put you user name down below, and in parentheses put if you agree with the rules. Sign here:

Kate (AAK I agree)

Archangel (I agree to thse rules)

Lily (Lily-Omega I agree to these rules)

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