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OMG. THIS HAS BEEN FOREVER. I USED TO BE SOOOO OBSESSED WITH ALPHA AND OMEGA AND BEING THE "REAL KATE." HAHAHAHAHA. no, but serisouly, that whole "real kate" thing was waaaaaay overboard. A couple of my friendships irl ended because of it hahahahaha uhhh. ANYWAY, obviously this was like 4 years ago, and everyone I used to converse with is gone, and I'm over my obsession with Alpha and Omega. 

First of all, I'd like to apologize for all of my not-needed drama I contributed to this site. Also, I'd like to apologize for all of the LIES I told on this site. Such as:

  1. My name is NOT Kate, it's Sam lol.
  2. My birthday is NOT September 17th, it's actually in May.

Next, I'd like to recognize how stupid I was. Looking back on my behavior, I was litterally the most idiotic, obsessive account EVER. Not only did I start sooooooo many stupid fights, but I also was so agressive about it. I'd like post 27 blogs posts about how I was the "real Kate." I mean, I had this page, a fanpop acc, a deviant art acc, an instagram acc, a twitter acc; I WAS OBSESSED. KATE IS AN ANIMATED WOLF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Finally, this is where I stand TODAY:

I am not friends with any of the people I was friends with irl that were also on this site.

For example:

lilypup - no más

lilyomega - no más

twilightalpha - no más

My best friend at the moment, Jeslyn, also used to be obsessed with Alpha and Omega, which is ironic hahahahaha. 

I recently just quit school (I'm a freshman in high school) to do homeschooling, because my acting careeer is just starting to take off!!! yay!!

Because I do homeschooling, I don't have MANY friends anymore hahaha. I MEAN I'm not a loner, I'm just constantly on auditions or shooting something. Jeslyn does homeschooling with me (because she also acts) sooooooo yea lol. Plus, I have all of my acting friends and the new people I meet along the way.

Oh god, I just made myself really insecure about how many friends I have hahahahaahahaha ha. 

OK IM JUST NAME THEM ALL SO YOU DON'T THINK I'M A LONER: (but by their nicknames lolololol)

  • jess
  • prince ale
  • moniquea
  • fajita
  • isa
  • gabbi
  • mimi
  • lex
  • kirs

anyway yea done lol. 


If you want check my IMDB, which is very much appreciated ;), here's the link to it:

And here's my Instagram:

My twitter:

And finally, my

I had fun on here while it lasted. I'm surprised I remembered my password! hahaha, anyway, this is one last time, "the real Kate", signing off. ;) hahahah bye

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