one day I was asleep. Then  I woke up. And I  was so happy because today I was going to pick who I want to mary . And  I want to mary Humphery.So me and my family went to the seramony. And when Lilly went she picked Humphery to! And Kate said she was not ready.  So in a few days it was the seramony of mariage. And Lilly went first I can,t belive what happend! Humphrey said no. So then I went up and then he said yes and I was so happy. So now I am his wife. And then I asked if he wants to live with me and he said yes again . And my sisters were so jelouse. And I was like haha girls  he,s mine. And never yours. And they were so mad at me. And then mom said that Lilly can mary a alpha. And I was like what. But then I was like well watever I still have Humphery. Then mom said that me and Humphrey have a special den.  And I was like yay.  and it was so betiful. And then Humphrey asked me on a date.   He is so romantic love him so much. So the next day me and Humphery went to  rabit poo mountain. And it was so fun. So me and Humphery had to go to Lilly,s weeding it was littel romantic and I was so happy kate didin,t have a boyfreind. I bet she is jelouse. and affter that we had caraboo. And it was so good. And then I went to my den and comed my beutiful fur.  So the next day me and hunphrey went to the meting to see if I Was pregrent. And they said I was pregnet. And that I was going to have my pups in three days!So three days went by.And I had them they were butiful 2 boys and 2 girls. They were butiful.

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