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  • Alpha&OmegaFan2011

    Hey guys its Alpha&OmegaFan2011. I'm extremely sorry I haven't been on Alpha and Omega Fanon Wiki in such a long time. I've been really busy with school and stuff so its kindof hard to keep coming back on the wiki. However, in two weeks I will be off for summer break. So that means that I will be on this wiki more. Again, please forgive me that I haven't been on and I will visit the wiki a couple times a week until summer when I will be active again. See ya guys all soon.

    Your pawsome alpha,

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  • Alpha&OmegaFan2011

    Hi guys its Alpha&OmegaFan2011 and I have exciting news! Im creating my own Alpha and Omega Fanfiction! XD Here below is it so far so enjoy! ALSO!: this isn't the actual story line of Alpha and Omega 2, its just made up.

    Alpha and Omega 2 Fanfiction

    Created by Alpha&OmegaFan2011/Austin


    After the moonlight howl... Well Kate the party is officially over, said Humphrey. Yeah the party is over. Humphrey you have the best howl I have ever heard. Thanks Kate you too, said Humphrey. Well I guess we should get some sleep now tomorrow is going to be a big day. Yeah we should get some sleep lets head to the den. Come on Lilly and Garth head to the den! Ok, said Lilly. Hey Humphrey so how do you like your new mate so far? Good Winston, I th…

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  • Alpha&OmegaFan2011


    August 6, 2011 by Alpha&OmegaFan2011

    Hey guys its Alpha&OmegaFan2011! Ive seen that you guys are making pages for Alpha and Omega Soundtracks. If you need any help let me know and I will be happy to help. Also does anyone have page suggestions??? Im thinking of ideas for pages on this wiki so if you have any ideas let me know.

    Your Pawsome Alpha:


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  • Alpha&OmegaFan2011

    Hey guys its Alpha&OmegaFan2011 or Austin as you all know me. I just want to let you guys know my User page is being worked on right now. Im trying my best to make it look good. So if you have any ideas to put on it let me know right away in the comments below. Thanks :D

    Your totally pawsome Alpha:


    Ps: Here is the link to my profile:

    feel free to check it out :D

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  • Alpha&OmegaFan2011

    Hey guys its A+O Fan again. Yesterday I was thinking after of watching Alpha and Omega again. Who is Humphrey's parents? It never showed them in the movie so that makes me wonder. Heres what I think might of happened to them:

    1. They got killed while hunting carrbou

    2. They moved to another pack

    3. They were in the movie, but it didnt show them.

    Give me your ideas in the comments below.

    Thanks for reading!

    -Alpha&OmegaFan2011 or known as Austin

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