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A walk up the hill and they’re at the entrance of the den.

“Mom, dad!” Kate called.

“Coming dear!” Eve replies inside the den.

A moment later both Winston and Eve came out to greet them.

“Well hello there, Humphrey.” Winston greets his son-in-law with a pleasant tone in his voice.

“Hello sir.” Humphrey bows in respect infront of the retired pair.

“It’s kind of late for a visit, isn’t it?” Kate asks.

“Oh, no! It’s not, dear.” Eve hugs her daughter.

“Come on in.” Winston urges them in.

“Well now. How are your pups?” Eve asks with curiosity, sitting down near the bones and remains of their finished dinner not long ago.

“They’re fine, mom.”

“Yep! They’re more lively than ever!” Humphrey adds sitting down on the other side of the leftovers, facing the older pair.

“So, how are things around here?” Kate sits down near Humphrey.

“It’s been fine. In fact, it’s been more lively the past few days.”

“What’s going on?”

“Not sure. But some came from the Southern pack. Their leaders met with us and asked for hospitality.”


“They said the park rangers’ been intruding their territory, some of their pack members were captured and taken to somewhere else.” Winston’s tone now grew concerned.

“Idaho..” Humphrey adds sharply.

“How could you be sure?”

“Well, when me and Kate got captured, we ended up there.”

“Hm. Maybe. But if any of them tries to capture any of our pack, I will personally rip their tails off and shove them down their throats..” Eve growls.

“Mom, they’re humans. They don’t have tails.” Kate rolls her eyes.


Winston gives a brief chuckle at his mate’s expression. “Still the aggressive mother of the pack.” He turns to Humphrey and adds; “Humphrey, you and Kate better protect your pups. If the rangers are on the move in the South, it won’t be long before they strike our territory.”

“You can count on us, sir!” Humphrey salutes.

“That’s a good new father.” Winston laughs and pats Humphrey on the shoulder with his paw.

After the visit, they started to head back to their own den.

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