Just got my first reviews on my newly published story! They're quite positive!

I'll be working on chapter 1 very soon! Remember to stay tuned!

Preview of Chapter 1:

Autumn is close, yet the sun is still high. Speeding really fast down a hill, Humphrey is at it with Log boarding again! This time with new faces. Infront of him is a smaller wolf, his features looks nearly the exact copy of Humphrey's if it was not for the amber eyes he has.

"Keep it up Kyle!" Humphrey cheers. "Angle left!"

"Alright dad!" Kyle steers the log left-side, evading a boulder.

"Woow, that was close!"

They both laugh as they continued on, evading trees, boulders and jumping off small cliffs. Not long later they passed by Kate and two other pups.

"Oh..I so want to go on that ride like we did last week.."

"No, Hudson. You're nearly old enough for Alpha School now. You should get prepared." Kate pats Hudson on the head.

"You can go ride with them, if you want to be an Omega!" The female pup pounces on Hudson, giggling.

"HEY! Sarah! Get off!" Hudson tries to push his sister off.

"Now, now..." Kate sighs.

Down near the river, Reba and Janice munches on some berries.

"Come try some Angel, I'm sure you'll love it!" Shakey beckons a pup near him.

"No thanks, uncle Shakey.." Angel shivers, preferring to eat meat.

Your best wolf


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