So, here's the prologue of my story! Enjoy the short. :)


I am new to writing stories so don’t be shy to correct mistakes! And this is just a prologue. I try my hardest to write out a good plotted story, hope you enjoy.


The full moon is up, and every wolf of Jasper celebrates. But celebrate what? The unity of two rival packs and the marriage of Kate, Humphrey, Lilly and Garth of course! Out at a cliff, Mooch and Salty howls the background as the star Tony -The retired Eastern Leader- steps up to show his amazing howling skills. Pups were attracted and dancing to his incredible howls, so are some of the adults. Down near the stream, Reba and Janice walks in circles around Shakey, their new member of the veggies group howling graciously while doing so. Their howls were soothing.

Out of all these fantastic sights, you can’t forget Marcel and Paddy, they too joins the fun and tries to howl. Marcel starts first but later dwarfed in melody by Paddy. Out of jealousy, Marcel pulls him down when he was up in the air.

Switching now to the retired couple, Winston and Eve walks to find a good spot.

“Okay, honey. Are you ready to move your feet and swing your tail?” Winston asks.

Eve looks greatly excited by it, already dancing non-stop.

Perched near the waterfall, a simply beautiful howl was heard and sent birds fluttering in grace.

“Now that’s a howl.” Lilly nuzzles Garth, they then both romantically sat there to enjoy their view.

Everyone at the rock howls their part, and it’s time for a grand finale, as all the wolves turns to the special couple on the very top of the Howling Rock.

“You ready?” Humphrey asks.

“Oh yeah, ready!” Kate answers with great confidence.

And so, face turned high at the full white moon, they start their duet. Their howls were so beautiful, it makes the night more romantic for everyone.

“Wow.” Candy can’t seem to turn her gaze from the couple on the top.

“Kate is so lucky she got such a mate!” Sweets envies.

As the howling ends, so marks the end of their celebration.

“You did great!” Humphrey cuddles up closer to Kate.

“Thank you.” Kate giggles and licks his cheek, making Humphrey’s cheeks turn darker, though it is not visible when it’s covered in fur.

“So....What’s next?” Humphrey asks.


“Any other plans for tonight?”

“Why don’t we stay here for another while?” Kate closes her eyes and rests her head on Humphrey’s shoulder.

“That’s fine.” Humphrey just smiles at his new mate.

A few moments later, when all the other wolves left, only one couple is left there. Humphrey looks at his beautiful partner who’s still resting on his shoulder and smiles again. Kate yawns, indicating that she’s tired.

“We should head back to the den.” He helps her up.

“Okay...” Still yawning, Kate walks side-by-side with Humphrey back to the den.

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