The first greeting was just a random joke I made out of boredom. :)

Well, hey there guys! I don't give my real name out on the internet but you could call me Jed. In real life, I'd be in grade 11, going to grade 12 and I study Wolves in my own way. I'm a laid-back kind of guy who wouldn't mind meeting new people outside, just that other's don't care much to meet others. I'm into sports like soccer and Basketball, even volleyball; I play these with my friends at my high school at times. I also game online, playing any game I find fun; this includes Blizzard games and the Half-Life series. Currently awaiting my chance to finally get the recently-growing popular game; Minecraft and other games.

As a Wolf on the Wiki

A strong, brave and Steadfast wolf who's duty is to protect fellow pack members and guide them on survival. Mostly gray in color, only the eyes stands out; Amber glowing orbs that see beyond the horizon. So far an Alpha in a nearly done training process, It'll be great to finally go out and help out. :) Also may be going for second-in-command.

But of course, I show off at times; making other wolves glare at me in jelousy...Not a good thing.

Hope to catch ya around!

Your best wolf


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