So, I've been reading FF for quite awhile, all from different movies and games etc, but I never had tried to make a story myself and I have quite alot of ideas for alot of different movies/games/etc. But I'll start with an A&O Story...Well my version of A&O2, so far I'm only thinking of ideas, and it's near completion. A quick preview of what I have in mind of the plot:

It's been a few months since their marriage and now, Kate and Humphrey have their own pups! They're parents! Meet Kyle, Angel, Sarah and Hudson, the pups! They're nearly at age of Alpha School(Sarah and Hudson) but a group of rangers snatches Sarah and brings her to the New York Zoo! There, she meets Deigo, a wolf who've live in the zoo his entire life! What events will unfold? What would Kate and Humphrey do?

So, what do you guys think? :) Please comment. When I have a go at the story, I may need someone to help edit the story if I draft it up.

Your best wolf