As it says on the title of the blog! This will be a place for role play! Role Play as your character here!

Den description

A cave big enough to fit a pack of 20! The den has passages that leads to various chambers and each chamber is decorated by their owners; the wolves! Outside is a small valley where the sun shines brightly, the grass in the field are not too short, yet it's not too long as well! Here is a great place for plays and relaxation. There is

Wolf den entry fs

The Wolf Den

also a stream nearby, the rocky shores are a great playground for pups to climb around. Surrounding the valley is an endless view of pines and oaks, isolated from human hunters.

The Stream(No name yet!)

Decide the name!

The Valley( No name yet!)

Decide the name!

Main Chamber

A wide chamber that acts as the 'Living room' of the packs' home, in the middle is a small in-cave pond where fire flies call it home and help illuminate the chamber, a few patches of grass are also around. Up in the middle of the ceilling, a wide hole acts for the light in the day.

Feasting Chamber

Here, the pack feasts on their meals.

Wolf Chambers

Jed's Chamber

Not much is seen in the chamber; only a flat boulder with straws of dried grass to act as a sleeping place. Claw marks in the language of the wolf is seen on the walls, mostly notes and to-do lists. He's one busy wolf! And he lacks decoration!

(Tell your description of your chamber in the comment section! Role play as well when you want to! When you have told me the description of your chamber, I will update this blog with your chamber in it!)

Your best wolf


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