Okay guys, it's my first blog post since July, to keep you guys entertained, I shall make a poll post weekly with stuff about A&O such as Which scene is which, which character did what, and others of such. Well! Let's start off with some news!

Jed's talk

Okay guys, some newer users may not know me so I'll reintroduce myself. :)


I'm Jed! The second in charge of this wiki, I've been here near the time of it's first making. I spent my time working hard and developed this site to what it is now. I helped KateWolf and tried to make a good wallpaper, as you see turned out quite....Strange. And I keep the site clean of stuff that are not appropriate here. I also post whatever what will interest our pack!

I also manage the pack's status. But when on hiatus, I did not updat the blog. Thanks to Archie for helping me update it while I'm away! :)

Role Play

A once stray lone wolf who is now the second in command of the pack, soon his long lost brother Archangel joined! Brother reunion! At 3 years old and has protected his pack for months, he's the equivalent to Winston! He has gray fur on his back with a darker shaded line of gray, a light-gray to white underbelly and amber eyes always looking out for his fellow pack members. He's the mate of KateWolf(RP).

The Pack

Hey new pack members! Introduce yourself to me in the comment section below! I'd love to meet new members!

The Rules of the Pack, Ranking Info and Pack Status

I will link to the three blogs that will help you in the future. :)

Rules of the Pack

Rank info

Pack Status

Role Playing Info

So, as you know, I make Role playing areas and events. And to encourage others to do so. :) I've made a few Role Play posts where you introduce your wolf character, role playing areas, events are yet to be planned but Austin(Alpha&OmegaFan2011) made the weekly Moonlight Howl. Great event and it's a must-try event!( not forcing. Just to express. :P) The funny thing is, hardly anyone here ever used the Role Playing areas, I've made a few:

The Den -Our pack's home and hang-out place when there's nothing to do!

The Hunting Grounds -Where we hunt for our food, and sunbath!(Jokes but maybe. :P)

The Howling Canyon -Like the Howling Rock in A&O, this is our place to howl! The scenery is absolutely beautiful!

For more stuff about Role Play, click here!

Well guys! Hope to see you all again as soon as possible! :)

Your best wolf


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