If you have seen the Wolf Pack Status page, you'll see your wolf-rank and your Wiki-status rank. The Wiki-status rank determines on how much you contribute to the wiki and how long have you stayed in the pack. It also includes how social you are.


These are the ranks currently, if there's any corrections, please tell me and I'll correct it.

Admin (Owner)

Owner of this wiki, has all access to everything and has been our leader. The owner is KateWolf


Admins who helps the owner in monitoring the server, they've been elected by the pack and are helpful to everyone, they have contributed to the wiki alot and non-stop. There are no admins except for the owner.

Bureaucrat Helper

Helpers who have a higher level of power but below Admins, they are also elected by the pack and are helpful to everyone, they have been contributing to the wiki alot. Current Bureaucrat(s): AlphaWolfJed

Roll-Back Helper

Elected by the pack, these are near the same level as Bureaucrats. They are helpful and have contributed to the wiki many times. There are no Roll-backs yet, current candidate(s): Archangel, Wiseamy

Senior Helper

Those who have been in the pack for a while and have contributed many times and are helpful. Current Senior Helper(s) are: Archangel.


Those who have been in the pack for a number of times and have contributed a number of times. Current Helper(s) are Wiseamy, Niko Banks

Senior Contributor

Those who have contributed to the Wiki a number of times. Helped expand the wiki. Current Senior Contributor(s) are: Storylover


Everyone has gone through this rank and has spread to earn their own place in the pack. This rank is for new comers or partially active members. This is the standard rank where people hve contributed from time to time.

How to determine?

It depends mostly on how much you have helped expand the wiki, how long have you stayed on this wiki, how well known you are and how helpful you are.

Recognized by Contribution

If you have contributed alot to this wiki and have been recognized by people, you have a chance to be ranked up but when you reach Senior Helper, your ranking will be elected.

Recognized by Staying

If you have contributed and have remained in the pack, this also helps you promote and be known to others. When you reach Senior Helper, your ranking will be elected.

Recognized by Meeting others

Staying socialized is also a way to say that you're active and contributing to the wiki, helping others, chatting. This is minor but will do great deeds in the future.

Recognized by Helping others

This is the MOST important, helping others not only helps yourself in promoting, it helps others as well, we're a pack. A pack is a family. And a family helps each other to reach the goal.


If you have broken any rules and have misbehaved, you will be de-ranked as a penalty, as well as warned and ban.

Possibilities that could De-rank you

  • If you have been unhelpful and have made a bad impression to the pack.
  • If you have insulted someone else gravely and have been reported.
  • If you were caught messing up Wiki Articles through editing.
  • If you insult an Admin/Owner.
  • If you tried to cheat your way to ranking.
  • Advertising of other wikis unless you have permission of Admin/Owner.
  • Making up rules.
  • Impersonating Admin.

Those underlined may have severe punishments.

Rank Idea?

If you have an idea rank you want us to add in, feel free to say so in the comment section below.

Your best wolf