Our wolf pack is expanding! Welcome newcomers!

Current ranks so far:

Name Rank Gender Wiki-Rank Edits Points
Kate Alpha(Leader) Female Founder(Founder) Admin, Bearuticrat 1546 1390
Jed Alpha(Second-in-command) Male Admin, Bureaucrat and Rollbacker 1464 940
Gideon Alpha(In training) Male Contributor 23 30
Archangel Omega Leader Male Admin, and Rollbacker 1314 1440
Wiseamy Beta Male

Senior Helper

188 540
Katiecupcakes Omega Female Contributor 17 30
Niko Banks Omega Male Helper 88 150
Katelyn.m Omega Female Contributor 24 120
StoryloverAlpha Alpha(In training) Male Helper 290 490
Austin Alpha(In training) Male Rollbacker 278 940
ActualAlphaKate Alpha(In training) Female Contributor 76 140

Tell me the info I've yet to put on the table and I will correct it! :)

Your best wolf


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