Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

aka Archangel Edwards

  • I live in Moberly Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is Vocalism in Screamo and regular
  • I am an awesome guy
  • Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

    I took part in a wiki promotion thingy, so soon are wiki should be promoted by the staff of community central! So any errors will be fixed I hope and spam will disappear.

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  • Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

    Halloween has come again to the Alpha And Omega fanon wiki. I would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween! Have fun, everyone!

    -Admin and Councilor,

    Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

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  • Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

    Not that I am trying or wanting to be rude, but if anything is to be passed onto the wiki, it does require my expressed consent to be passed. It is not up to the helpers to choose what happens next. So please, I am not asking much. If you want any changes or any add-ons, come to me with your ideas or concerns, because if this wiki becomes spammed again due to disrespect, and unresponsibility, I will be forced to demote all users and block edits to certain users. Sorry for the inconvenience, but that's the way it must be if no one is to follow the wiki rules. The rules created by our Founder, KateWolf. I take these rules seriously and will not let anyone cause problems like they have before. These rules have been altered by me since her dep…

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  • Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

    Fav sports(listed) 1. Soccer 2. Basketball 3. Volleyball

    Fav video-games 1. Dragon Age 2. Mass Effect 3. Left 4 Dead

    Fav movies 1. Alpha And Omega 2. Balto 3. Insidious

    Fav TV shows 1. Big Brother 2.Family Guy 3. Friends

    Fav brands 1. Birdhouse 2. Puma 3. Vans

    Fav wikis 1. A + O fanon 2. Big Brother wiki 3. The Lion King wiki

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  • Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

    Once I am finished my Gr. 10 courses, I will have a choice for classes.





    Biology is my main target. Becoming a wolf biologist has been my dream. I have always wanted to know literally everything there is to know about wolves. I know there is more to it, but I will learn in the upcoming years.

    Chemistry is what I'll turn to If my Biology isn't that great. I got 100% on all my Chemistry tests, and I think It is something that I will enjoy.

    Music is just an elective that I enjoy. As a vocalist, I got an A on all my music projects and an A+ on my last one. My last project, I sang "Ordinary" by The Buzzhorn.

    French I got an A in, I can speak full sentences in French and I got a perfect score on my Orals, though I know …

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