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Archangel's soon to be next step

Once I am finished my Gr. 10 courses, I will have a choice for classes.





Biology is my main target. Becoming a wolf biologist has been my dream. I have always wanted to know literally everything there is to know about wolves. I know there is more to it, but I will learn in the upcoming years.

Chemistry is what I'll turn to If my Biology isn't that great. I got 100% on all my Chemistry tests, and I think It is something that I will enjoy.

Music is just an elective that I enjoy. As a vocalist, I got an A on all my music projects and an A+ on my last one. My last project, I sang "Ordinary" by The Buzzhorn.

French I got an A in, I can speak full sentences in French and I got a perfect score on my Orals, though I know I won't need French in the states.

I wan't to move to the states because there is a place called the "Pacific Wolf Centre" in California. After I finish Biology in college, I will apply there and hope they accept me.

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