Not that I am trying or wanting to be rude, but if anything is to be passed onto the wiki, it does require my expressed consent to be passed. It is not up to the helpers to choose what happens next. So please, I am not asking much. If you want any changes or any add-ons, come to me with your ideas or concerns, because if this wiki becomes spammed again due to disrespect, and unresponsibility, I will be forced to demote all users and block edits to certain users. Sorry for the inconvenience, but that's the way it must be if no one is to follow the wiki rules. The rules created by our Founder, KateWolf. I take these rules seriously and will not let anyone cause problems like they have before. These rules have been altered by me since her depature from the wiki and have been kept that way due to the attack that happened months prior to this message. Thanks to me and Storylover Alpha 01, we were able to fight them off, but that left the wiki punished in a way. I had to block editing from anyone who is not an Admin.

To ActualAlphaKate,

You have caused a bit of problems for us before and I forgived you, and look where you are now. I promoted you to Admin, but I have been watching, and you seem to be abusing your rights a bit and taking advantage of your freedom around the wiki. You may disagree me, and I have no doubt that you do, but I am here to keep this wiki safe. Our wiki is being overloaded by messages that are going off-topic. This is considered to be spam. AAK, I want you to warn anyone who goes off topic regularly to get back on topic. Going off-topic looks very bad for newcomers and I will not allow that. Everyone needs to feel welcomed, not coming here to spam like many of the users.

This is message is by your leader, Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards (Admin, wikia councilor)

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