I'm KateWolf but you guys can call me Kate.I have a few things I want to talk about.I am admin by the way.

User of the Month

Today I will be giving out Use of the Month.Even though they just joined yesterday,they are doing an Awesome job.Working hard,Making edits,you get the deal...User of the month goes to ...ALPHAWOLFJED!Congrats!Let's see who makes it next month and just to let you know you can't get it more than once.Congrats once again.I will give out the award every month on the 30th.

Spread the Word

Hi guys,if you go to another wiki make a blog and spread the word of this wiki.Put the link and make it sound special.The more people who come the bigger wolf pack we have.That's another thing that helps you get User of the Month.

Just to let you know.

So far we are doing real good with behavior even though our wolf pack is still small,We're doing great with behavior!

That's All Folks