Since EVERYONE is doing this I will too.
Kate the wolf

Me (not really)

O.k Here I go...

Real Name :****** (sorry, I don't like putting my name on the internet)

Real Nickname : Wolfy (I got that nickname when I started wearing a wolf hat at school and don't worry it's fake fur)

Favorite subjects : Animation and art

About Me

I am someone who loves wolves. I am also a bit shy and nervous around new people but once I get to know them I get quite noisy and like to have fun. I'm pretty inteligent and I don't mean to brag but I end up teacher's pet oftenly. I love wolves and often draw them. Alot of times they end up cartoony but I do draw real life wolves sometimes. I love the movie Alpha and Omega. I have many items having to do with it. I also collect wolf figurines and shirts. My dad friend has a wolf/husky named spirit and I enjoy playing with him. I don't watch much T.V. but I like watching movies. I actully get quite sentimental at times. I think I have a pretty good life though.

On wiki

On wiki I am the Alpha leader of this wiki. I am assited by my loyal second in command Jed. I go by the names Kate as well as KateWolf. I am trying to make this a fairly decent wolf pack and I say it is pretty decent as of now. I truthfully never imagined it getting this far ever.

I watch over all the wolves in our pack. Every once an awile a lone wolf asks to join our pack or justs stops by to check our pack out. We always invite them to stay but we tell them the laws of the pack. If they get out of hand and break pack laws we will send them off as a lone wolf for a while. We have a theater where wolves can view the movie. Everything is great. So far life in the padck is peaceful. Hopefully it stays that way.