We were assighned character analys reports and class and I chose Kate! Here's my copy and pasted report. Enjoy!

Kate is quite important to me because she stars in my favorite movie, Alpha and Omega. You are going to learn about what she looks like, what she sounds like, some of her role in the movie, some of her quotes, her actions, and her personalitly.

At first I was going to pick Kate's little sister, Lilly, but I decided Kate since she has a bigger role in the movie, so I could write more. Also, I picked Kate because she is a good example on people.

Kate is an Alpha wolf who has golden brown fur. She has brown eyes. Her underbelly is a bright white. She wears a purple flower in her “hair” occasionally. In her main portrait her hair like fur is long, but in the movie, it's short, which was announced a goof. Her tail has a curl in it like the rest of the Alpha wolves, and her tail is usally in the air (also like the other Alphas in the movie).

Kate is voiced by Hayden Pattinere. Two of her quotes are “Humphrey? We don't have time for fun.” and “This caribou is mine!”. She has a female young adults voice.

Her personality is a bit bossy. She is a serious Alpha who takes pride and dissapointment in her work. She cares for her family and friends dearly. She can be a bit headstrong at times, espessialy when she knows something is not right. She dosen't always give others a chance when they fail, and usally expects them to be perfect.

Kate is mates with Humphrey. Her little sister's name is Lilly, her mom's name is Eve and her dad's name is Winston. She is friends with Garth, Marcel, and Paddy. She respects Tony as an elderly Alpha. She is hunting partners with Can-do and Hutch.

Her role in the movie is the costar(the other main charater is her mate, Humphrey). She and Humphrey are relocated to Idaho and they struggle to get home. With the help of birds, Marcel and Paddy, they take the Canadian Express home(they try to get back to Jasper Park, Canada). When they get home, war has started between their, and there enemy packs'. Kate has to marry Garth, but refuses. A stampede starts when the war restarts and Kates get struck by caribou hooves. Humphrey saves her and they rub noses, symbolizing they are mates.

Kate does many things in the movie. She marries Humphrey because they fall in love on the Canadian Express when they howl together in a romantic duet. She hunts for food when her pack has scarce food, but her first hunt is savatouged by Eastern Pack wolves. She refuses to marry Garth because both of them love someone else. She goes to Alpha school to be taught Alpha skills, plus many more actions.

Kate is an amazing character. She sets a great exsample for others. I am glad I chose her for my report so I could tel others about her and Alpha and Omega.`

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