Hi evryone. I'm going to be make a 3rd ( Yes I admit it's sad that I can't make a good story) atempt at Alpha and Omega 2. I will this time be working on it on wiki. I will be gradully working on it. Also I don't mind feedback. Here I go ...

On one sunny day puppies were playing with their cousins.They were competing to see who would one day be the Alpha leaders and who would be the followers. They were still very young. There parents were watching them through bushes making sure they didn't get too carried away when play fighting. The parents were also chatting. Nothing could have been better at the time. Everything was in peace in harmony.

" One day I'm going to be the world greatest Alpha !" said a young wolf named Kayla.

" Nice try Kayla but I'm the Alpha. Consider youself Omega !" said another young wolf named Garret

Then they started wrestling

(laughs) "Will you to stop fighting ? It's pretty ovbious I'M the Alpha!"said Kayla's little brother, Hudson.

Quikly, Kayla leaped and takled Hudson to the ground. Hudson was aot like his father Humphrey. He was likely to be an Omega.

Then Garret leaped for his little sister Lola.

(Howls in Pain) "Get of my tail Garret ! I'll tell mom and dad on you!" she said in a threatnig voice.

(Nervously) Aw...You don't have to do that Lola ...I'll get off your tail." Garret said shivering

Lola was alot like her mom Lilly. She was weak, but she was a tattle tail.This was Garret's one and only weakness, his mother and father get angry ate him.

(smiles) "I won't tell mom and dad. Next time you step on my tail I will though" said Lola try ing not to laugh.

"Common every one. It's time to get back to go." said an Alpha wolf named Kate

" But we don't want to ."said Hudson

" You will listen to your mother son."said Humphrey

They took off for then dens witch was about a quarter mile away walk. They got there aroung twenty minutes later. They each went with their parents. Kayla and Hudson went with Kate and Humphrey while Lola and Garret wnnt with Lilly and Garth. When Kayla got home she started imagining what it would be like to be an Alpha. She started imagining things Her brother and her parents had already fell a sleep. She snuck out side quietly. She ran down to the valley to try to catch a caribou and quikly went for the legs. It's parent saw her and got it's horns and through Kayla about twenty feet.

"Where ... Where am I ? "Kayla said confused.

"Kayla we're so happy that you're alive."said Kate

"We thought you were ..."said Humphrey

Hudson quikly interupted Humphrey before he could finish

"DEAD ! Wait are you a zombie?' said Hudson giggling

Kayla got up and prounced Hudson and they both started laughing. Kayla was ok and that's all that mattered.

Several Months Later

"I'm goona get you!" said Kayla to Hudson.

HELP MEEEEE ! Hudson screamed.

"Kayla it's time to go . said Kate who seemed rather pleased."Garth and Garret are wwaiting for us."

" Yes finally. Who's the Alpha now Hudson!" Kate said.

Hudson turned around and went into the deen. He put his face on his father's fur. He was going to be misserable knowing that he was one day going to bee a follower. He wanted to be a leader. He was an Omega and there was nothing he could do.

"Hey sport, don't you want to be like you're dad? I used to be an Omega then I got married to the most beautiful wolf in the world.. Besides Me, Lola and Lilly will always be here with you. Remeber Lola's and Omega too. Oh yah your aunt Lilly she was an Omega 'til she married your uncle Garth." said Humphrey.

" YOU WERE !?"said Hudsonj."Why didn't you tell me?"

"Simple, because you never asked.." said Humphrey."I'll play with you as long as you want."

(In unison) "OMEGAS RULE ! OH YEAH !"

Later at Alpha school, they had just found out what the first obsticles would be. The first was the Alpha run. It was a course where objects could hrt you if you didnt jump.It wasn't safe but Garret and Hudson got a perfect score.


Today was it. Garret and Hudson's firs hunt. They were so exited they were shivering. Can - du had died of severe injuries of a stampede several years ago and Hutch had retired frome hunting so now there hunting partners were Bete wolves named Buterscoth and Daisy. Dispite their names they were really strong Beta wollves. Garret had spotted a caribou. The momment they had been waiting for.

They hid in small grass. Getting ready to pounce. Kayla jumped about six feet, grabingg the caribou by the neck like she had been taught. She didn't let go go of it. Garret came over to help her since it was trying to get free. With their team work their first hunt was a succes. With a growing population, only the alpha wolves and Lilly, Lola, Hudson, and Humphrey got fed. These days the wolves usally ate small rodents instead, since many of them thrived in the forests and the valley.

The next day was their first moon light howl. They had been preparing them selves for quite a while. They were going to try to find mates. For such young wolves they would probaly not find anyone. They still tried.

"Kayla wait !" said Kate

"What mom ? Is something wrong ?"said Kayla in a worried voice.

"No, every things all right, but here take this and put it in your hair."Said Kate

"A lily?"said Kayla

"I wore a lily at my first moon light howl. I want you to wear one at yours." said Kate licking Kayla on the cheek.

Kayla took the same path as Kate did on her first moon light howl. Kate watched from afar, remebering Kayla when she was little, tears pouring down her cheek. She walked away to go with Humphrey, and do what they were born to do, howl.

Awhooooooooooooooo ! Wolves were singing and dancing already. The wolves pretty much gave up on finding a mate, even though it would be easier since the law of Alphas and Omegas can't mate was demolished. They decided they were too young.

Hudson saw his Uncle Shakey walking along with his mate Janice.

"Hey are you going to howl ?"said Hudson

"Of course we are" said Shakey

"Can I watch you?" said Hudson

The couple just walked away. Shakey was one of the nicest wolves he knew, he didn't understand why he ignored him.

Soon the howl was over. The pups headed back to the den. They were able to quikley get to sleep.

The next day very sad. Garth's father, Tony had pasted away in his sleep. When Garth went to visit him he lied on the floor dead. Garth was devasated. Garth did something he haden't done for a long tie, cry. Every one went to se Tony before they took his caracus out to the woods. They placed him in the valleynext to some of the most gorgeous flowers. Garth dug a hole and buried him. After that Kate was happy that she had both of her parents. She felt soerry for Garth because he had none. Garth lost his mother in a hunt when he was still little.

The next morning Kayla and Hudson got upb and decided to go out side. Lola and Garret came out side.

Kate said " I told you I would be the greatest Alpha ever.

Garret pounced her and said.

" Just like I told you !"

Then Lola ponced Hudson when he wasn't expecting it. Kate came out side and saw them play like they did when they were puppies. She had tearie eyes. Humphrey told her that her eyes glittered a beautiful brown to try to cheer her up.

Every thing was in peace and Harmony.Nothing could have been better.

Hope you liked the story !

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