thumb|300px|right|The Fireworks !!!HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE !!!

I'm not sure if everyone celebrates it but I do.

Here is the gangs last year 4th of July photo Album.
Frightened Garth

Garth was scared of one of the Fireworks


Waiting for the Fireworks

Staring Lilly

Lilly starring at Fireworks

Dissapointed Kate

Kate waiting for Humphrey to blow up Fireworks

Tony and Garth

Tony telling Garth to be safe around Fireworks

Annoyed wolves

Every one heasrs a really loud Firework


Hutch watching to make sure everyone is safe

Humphrey and friends

Humphrey sees a big one ! It explodes slowly.


Garth watching Fireworks


OH NO ! A bird died from a Firework. Yum ! DINNER !

Salty Tony and Mooch

4th of July Dancing

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