• Nikolai Banks

    Yo everyone

    October 9, 2012 by Nikolai Banks

    Yo everyone, I am deeply sorry I've been so inactive on this site, alot of stuff been going down in my life and I been quite busy, anyway first of, bout a few months ago, I met a lovely girl and a real woman named Dani, we hit it off quite nicely and enjoyed each other's company, later in the start of August, I went with my family to Botswana, that was alot of fun, we even had Hyenas on our first night there, they kinda woke me up in the middle of the night xD We had my cousin's birthday a few days after we arrived and we went on a nice game drive, there was no animals, sadly it was mostly dirt and rocks, that is Botswana during its winter time, we should of went in the summer before winter, but oh well. We had fun at Bots, and the game dr…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    I got some spare time on my hands, so if anyone wants to chat, RPG (if anyone does that on here) do a fanfic or char collabe or a char trade, I am more than happy to do that, If you want advice on anything, I guess I can try my best to help, but mostly I got free time to spare to chat or anything else on here.

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  • Nikolai Banks

    I wish to inform and make everyone aware of account hijackers, so its best if you all change your passwords to all your accounts, no matter what you have an account on, every once in a while, to prevent account hijackings, also keep in mind to watch over other accounts you made for signs of hijacking or hacking, if you are a Gmail person with an account, you may get an add that says "Thousands of online accounts are hijacked every day. Enable 2-step verification to protect your account. Learn more Hide"

    I hope for people to do change their account passwords to prevent any account hijackings, I wish you all luck with keeping your accounts hijacked free of account hackers and hijackers.

    and keep in mind to pass this on once you read this blog,…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    My RPG Characters

    September 9, 2011 by Nikolai Banks

    Ok, most of my RPG Characters are Redwall related, so I will try to make them Alpha and Omega related, as possible as I can. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask in a comment or leave a message on my talk page, thank you :)

    Gender: Male

    Eye color: Blue

    Species: Wolf

    Place of Origin: Northlands

    Appearance: Antoine is a grey fur wolf, he wears a taunic and sometimes wear either a habit, he wears tail rings and he has a pair of gloves for cold days, he is also exstreamly musculan and has a tattoo on his left arm. He also wears either a T-Shirt and pair of jeans or a tank top and army camo pants.

    Weapons: Antoine carrys around his grandfather's battle axe, he also carrys around his mother's long sword and a set of daggers, he made…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    This is going to be the first fanfiction I have ever made on this wiki, If you want one of your characters to be part of this fanfiction, feel free to ask, and same goes for questions about the fanfiction, either ask about it on my talk page or in a comment, thank you ^.^

    It was the start of a lovely evening, Humphrey was with his friends near the river, Salty was with Humphrey, the two omegas were telling jokes about how dumb humans were.

    Humphrey chuckles and grins "Come on, I seen lots of dumb humans, but my most favorite story, is about this pack of humans who killed a mad human for his insanity" he grins and scratched behind his right ear then sat up

    Salty chuckles and nods "Yeah, I remember my pop speaking bout this guy....he was like pre…

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