This is going to be the first fanfiction I have ever made on this wiki, If you want one of your characters to be part of this fanfiction, feel free to ask, and same goes for questions about the fanfiction, either ask about it on my talk page or in a comment, thank you ^.^

Chapter 1:Why is he targeting wolf teens?

It was the start of a lovely evening, Humphrey was with his friends near the river, Salty was with Humphrey, the two omegas were telling jokes about how dumb humans were.

Humphrey chuckles and grins "Come on, I seen lots of dumb humans, but my most favorite story, is about this pack of humans who killed a mad human for his insanity" he grins and scratched behind his right ear then sat up

Salty chuckles and nods "Yeah, I remember my pop speaking bout this guy....he was like pretty mad and ye know, he killed the human pups for no reason, just for his own fun, which if you ask me, is insane" Salty grins, he looked to one of the Omega's sleeping and grins "I heared a rumor from the omegas from Tony's pack, that this dude use to come here"

Humphrey nods "yeah, I also heard the stories, specially from Winston, geeze, I mean he went on for one whole hour about the guy, it was "Fred Krueger" this and "he did this" till Eve said "Winston, if I hear one more word bout Fred Krueger, I will find his glove of knives and stuff it down your throat" which I couldn't help but snicker at that"

They all chuckled at this, Lily looked to them and sighs "I wouldn't mock what my father says.....someone once died when they heard the story" she walks to them and sat down "Fred Krueger is a ghost of the dreams of the children of Elm Street, Springwood.....where my pop was born in a zoo, called the Elm Street zoo"

Salty shrugs "So what, my mother was from the same zoo, and so was our whole pack's parents, specially your mom and dad" He grins cheekily to Lily

the omega wolf starts to whimer, everyone looked and wathed him in wonder of what was going on.

(Will be Continued, this was a test of the fanfic, read it and enjoy)

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