I wish to inform and make everyone aware of account hijackers, so its best if you all change your passwords to all your accounts, no matter what you have an account on, every once in a while, to prevent account hijackings, also keep in mind to watch over other accounts you made for signs of hijacking or hacking, if you are a Gmail person with an account, you may get an add that says "Thousands of online accounts are hijacked every day. Enable 2-step verification to protect your account. Learn more Hide"

I hope for people to do change their account passwords to prevent any account hijackings, I wish you all luck with keeping your accounts hijacked free of account hackers and hijackers.

and keep in mind to pass this on once you read this blog, so others can be aware of account hijacking and hacking.

thanks for reading and please pass this on in your journal once reading this, thanks and God Bless.

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