Yo everyone, I am deeply sorry I've been so inactive on this site, alot of stuff been going down in my life and I been quite busy, anyway first of, bout a few months ago, I met a lovely girl and a real woman named Dani, we hit it off quite nicely and enjoyed each other's company, later in the start of August, I went with my family to Botswana, that was alot of fun, we even had Hyenas on our first night there, they kinda woke me up in the middle of the night xD We had my cousin's birthday a few days after we arrived and we went on a nice game drive, there was no animals, sadly it was mostly dirt and rocks, that is Botswana during its winter time, we should of went in the summer before winter, but oh well. We had fun at Bots, and the game drive was lots of fun.

September was fun, we had my schools annal school fete, to raise money for the shcool, me and some friends went and we spent the day at the school, even had some pancakes after the school, then went home with my one friend and we spent time together playing FarCry 2. A few days later into September, like the second of September, my girlfriend Dani vanished, and with out saying why she vanished, at first I thought she needed space cause her mum having cancer and all, and now its been a whole month and I've not heard from Dani, I guess she ran off on me, I should of seen that coming, and I am kinda annoyed she never told me why she had to vanish with out telling me, I'd like to know why she left me, what was it I did that made her leave :(

Well screw her, its her loss, I met someone else and make them happy, Dani is the first real woman I met, and she left me for no reason, stupid British women! :/

Well I am glad to be in October, I hope to meet a real decent woman, and not some sweetheart who is nice to me for a few weeks then runs out on me, with out saying why she left.

My life is kinda turned upside down.

Since September, my whole life has been very crappy, I dated a girl who happened to be dating some other guy at the same time, which is messed up completely, both me and him were played as puppets, as fools, how could I seen this coming? >_<

So yeah, I am back to being single, after 2 an a half months of dating, I am back to being a single fellow :(

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