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    I've been keeping an eye on this wiki for quite a while now and noticed some peculiar. Something about the character Kate. I see user by user popping up saying they're Kate. Some of the users I've been watching are:

    1. ActualAlphaKate
    2. Lilypup
    3. TwiligtAlpha
    4. AlphaKate
    5. Kate the Alpha
    6. Silverfang of the ThunderClan

    These are the users that say they are "the real Kate". I get that Kate is just a fictional character. Plus even if she was real, she's a wolf, she can't type! But I see this is very important to all of them. So I checked out all of there profile pages and checked they're evidence. Here is what I got:

    AlphaKate had some evidence she was Kate. First of all her username is AlphaKate. Second of all she said her name was Kate. But that wasn't enough …

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