• Storylover Alpha 01


    July 2, 2011 by Storylover Alpha 01

    Here is my attempt to get to know people. So, If you want to talk, just say so and I will gladly do so.

    I am a unremarkable male, 6 foot 3, 156 pounds, blue green eyes, I enjoy reading, I am extremely loyal, and pretty defensive when It comes to people I know. I enjoy hunting, camping, backpacking, skiing, rafting, and backpacking. I come from a place where wolves are extremely commonplace, and the climate I live in is usually 0 degrees for 3/4ths of the year.. I prefer weather that is around 40 degrees, as that is quite warm for me, about T shirt weather.

    I love the snow and the outdoors, but dislike extreme heat, which is the other 1/4 of the year. around 80/90 degrees.

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