aka Niko

  • I live in Tirana
  • I was born on August 22
  • My occupation is Alpha and Omega fan, video maker on Youtube
  • I am Male
  • TimberHumphrey

    hi everybody!

    just wanna let y'all know, i'm new in this site. but i'm a huge fan of "Alpha and Omega", it's the best movie ever made, period! i loved it so much and i can't wait for the sequel! so if u wanna talk wit me or stop by my profile and say "hi", i'll be around :)

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  • TimberHumphrey

    It all started 3 years, before the stuff of the first movie, there was a small wolf pack that lived in peace with each other in a beautiful valley, thanks to Tom and Sarah, the pack's leaders. Tom and Sarah were married and one day, Sarah gives birth to 2 cute Omega puppies. The puppies were both boys, so they decided to call them Humphrey and Matt. Everybody loved the puppies cause they were just adorable, and this should've been a miracle. But, a couple of days after this, everything turned into a nightmare when the valley gets attacked by enemy wolves led by a evil wolf named Hunter. He used to be a part of the pack and once he was friends with Tom, where they both fell in love Sarah. Hunter would anything to become leader and have Sara…

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