It all started 3 years, before the stuff of the first movie, there was a small wolf pack that lived in peace with each other in a beautiful valley, thanks to Tom and Sarah, the pack's leaders. Tom and Sarah were married and one day, Sarah gives birth to 2 cute Omega puppies. The puppies were both boys, so they decided to call them Humphrey and Matt. Everybody loved the puppies cause they were just adorable, and this should've been a miracle. But, a couple of days after this, everything turned into a nightmare when the valley gets attacked by enemy wolves led by a evil wolf named Hunter. He used to be a part of the pack and once he was friends with Tom, where they both fell in love Sarah. Hunter would anything to become leader and have Sarah for himself, but Tom was better than him. And, when Tom became the pack's new leader and Sarah chose to marry him, Hunter ran away and started losing his mind. He didn't want anything else but only revenge on what happen. So, he burns down the whole valley and killed everybody. But little did he knew that a wolf named Winston along with Eve (his girlfriend) were able to escape, and they find a crying baby Humphrey in a small basket. Little Matt was nowhere to be found.

Eve: Oh my god! Humphrey! Winston: Poor little guy! At least he's okay. Eve: But where's Matt? Winston: Wish i knew (they search for Matt, but they can't find him) Winston: (Humphrey shivers) We gotta get him outta here! Eve: But where we gonna go? Winston: (thinks for a second) Sam! Eve: What? Winston: He'll take care of Humphrey. Eve: You mean the goose? Are you sure, sweetie? Winston: He's the only friend i can trust now. Eve: But where does he live? Winston: Jasper Park. That's where we're going!

And with that, Winston and Eve take Humphrey and head for Jasper Park to built a new wolf pack and let Sam take care of the little Omega.

3 years after that, Humphrey and Kate/Garth and Lilly are married now and Humphrey's living the life he always dreamed bout, along with the girl of his dreams. Now, he and Lilly are being fully trained by Winston to become good leaders of the pack and they really do good on their first time. But, they're still really bumbling and lovable and sometimes they even play games with the Omega trio (Salty, Shakey and Mooch) when they're supposed to be training.

(Everybody's playing a game to see how many peaches can Mooch hold in his mouth, without chewing or swallowing) Everybody: (at the same time) 35, 36, 37, 38, 39.... Garth: Oh my god! How's he doing that? Humphrey: I'm gonna get sick! Mooch: (puts the last peach in his mouth) 40 peaches! Shakey: Oh crap! He broke the record! Lilly: Oh my god! (faints for a second) Kate: (amazed) Wow! Garth: Damn, that's a mouth full! Humphrey: Don't stop now, hit 42! Garth: Oh come on! He's never gonna hit 42! Mooch: Oh yeah? Just watch! Kate: Then do it. Mooch: Piece o' cake! (puts the last 2 peaches in his mouth and wins the game) Yeah!! Garth: We got a winner! Humphrey: That a boy! Salty: Well done, dude! (pats Mooch's back, causing to spit out all 42 peaches) Kate: Wow, Mooch! I'm impressed. Mooch: Nah, that was nothing, really. I can do better than that. Humphrey: Well, it's for another time, buddy.

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